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How to remove fleas from a cat at home


How to remove fleas from a cat at home</a>

Fleas are small insects, 2-4 mm in size.

As a rule, they are parasites of many animals, including cats. It is worth noting that most of the fleas are parasitic on some particular animal.

For example, cats often overcome insects Ctenocephalides felis.

You can bring them out yourself at home.

The main signs of fleas in cats

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Bloch at the time of a bite injects saliva into the wound,Causing a local allergic reaction to the skin. It is manifested by anxiety of the cat, redness and itching. The animal regularly combs the bite site. In this case, the skin area is injured, resulting in small wounds and scratches. With malnutrition, poor immunity can occur eczema and dermatitis. Often in cats afflicted with fleas, anemia develops.
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Little kittens suffer particularly badly. They may have severe anemia (manifests as "cyanosis" of all mucous membranes or pallor). Over time, the body is depleted. In practice, there are often cases of death. On the cat, fleas are concentrated in hard-to-reach places: along the spine, on the sacrum, neck or head. It should be borne in mind that fleas are very jumping and can easily jump from one animal to another.
How to remove fleas from a kitten at home

Destruction of fleas

In small kittens fleas intoksol

Maintenance and maintenance of cleanliness is an importantA moment in the treatment of cats against fleas. It is necessary to regularly derat and disinfect floors, carry, bedding and other places of use and finding a cat. Great attention should be paid to hard-to-reach places and upholstered furniture in the house or apartment. Pillows, armchairs, sofas systematically vacuum. Thus, the number of eggs and larvae on their surface can be significantly reduced.
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For today in veterinary drugstores andSpecialized stores present a large selection of drugs that help fight fleas in cats. Such medicines are produced in the form of injections, collars, aerosols, drops and special shampoos. Before you buy the drug, you need to consult a veterinarian. Often, the method of killing fleas depends on the degree of defeat of the pet. Sometimes the treatment has to be done several times.

Remember: overdose or misuse of the medication can lead to serious cat poisoning. Follow the instructions carefully.

Preventive measures

Observance of the elementary rules of keeping cats and maintaining cleanliness in the room are the main ways to combat fleas. Methods of prevention include:

- periodic treatment of a domestic animal with special preparations from fleas-
- daily wet cleaning of the premises with the addition of an insecticide-
- fencing from contact with domestic, homeless and sick animals.

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