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HOW bring fleas in cats at home

How can I see the cat fleas at home

Fleas are small insects, the size of 2-4 mm.

Typically, they are parasites of many animals, including cats. It is worth noting that most of the fleas parasitic on any particular animal.

For example, cats are often plagued insects Ctenocephalides felis.

Output can be on their own at home.

The main features of fleas in cats

how to get fleas little puppy

Bloch during a sting injects saliva into the wound,causing local allergic skin reaction. This is manifested concern cats, redness and itching. Animal regularly comb bite. In this area of ​​the skin is injured, resulting in formation of small wounds and abrasions. Undernutrition, poor immunity can occur eczema and dermatitis. Often cats afflicted with fleas, anemia.
bring fleas in hamster

Young kittens are suffering particularly badly. They may experience severe anemia (manifested "cyanotic" all mucous membranes, or paleness). Over time, the body takes place depletion. In practice, often the cases of death are found. On the cat flea focus in difficult places available for it: along the spine, on the sacrum, neck or head. Be aware that a flea is very bouncy and can easily jump from one animal to another.
how to get the fleas from the kitten home

Destruction of fleas

in young kittens fleas intoksol

Maintenance and cleanliness is importantpoint in the treatment of cats from fleas. It regularly deratization and disinfection of floors, perenosok, litter and other places to use and find the cat. Much attention should be given to hard to reach places and upholstered furniture in the house or apartment. Pillows, chairs, sofas regularly vacuumed. Thus it is possible to significantly reduce the number of eggs and larvae on the surface thereof.
What a shot to make the dog from fleas

To date, the veterinary pharmacies andspecialized stores represented a large selection of products that help fight against fleas in cats. Such medicines are manufactured in the form of injections, collars, sprays, drops and special shampoos. Before you buy a drug, you should consult your veterinarian. Often the way to kill fleas depends on the extent of the pet. Sometimes treatment must be carried out several times.

Remember that an overdose or misuse of the drug can lead to serious poisoning cats. Carefully follow the instructions.

preventive measures

Compliance with the basic rules of the content of the cats and maintaining the cleanliness of the room are the main ways to combat fleas. For prevention methods include:

- Periodic processing pet special preparations from bloh-
- Daily wet cleaning with the addition of the insecticidal materials-
- Protection from contact with the courtyard, homeless and sick animals.

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