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HOW bring bed bugs

How to bring bed bugs

Bed bugs are carriers of dangerousdisease, because not only feed on the blood of humans, but also rodents, birds, animals. Sleep in the presence of bed bugs becomes discontinuous man worried itching from bites, besides an unpleasant specific smell crush of bedbugs.

If there are bugs in the bed, they are found throughout the house and the processing must be carried out throughout the house.

There are many ways to control insects.

You will need

  • -insektitsidnye drugs from crawling insects
  • -tansy
  • -sagebrush
  • -kerosene
  • -soap
  • -turpentine
  • -sagebrush



The most effective way to deal with bedding bugs - Is to call a special service for the fulltreatment of the whole house. Modern methods of treatment do not leave marks on the furniture, bedding, and are odorless. The effect is maintained for a period of two years. But it is worth it is quite expensive.


All sofas can be treated at home,bed, slit - insecticidal sprays against crawling insects. Linens washed, boiled and ironed. As already stated above need to handle all the rooms, paying special attention to cracks, carpets, upholstered furniture.


Also, a good effect is the removal of soft furniture, rugs, pillows, blankets in the cold. As long as everything is in the cold, in the house need to process all the cracks, sex drugs from crawling insects.


By means of the national struggle, linen bugs It concerns the processing of all surfaces with kerosene,a solution of soap and turpentine, soap and kerosene, a strong infusion of tansy. Dry tansy can be expanded throughout the home, bedbugs can not stand the smell of it. Also operates wormwood, which can be used as a tincture or by folding around the house.


If any processing of the house have to remove people andpets, make an aquarium, a bird cage. All products pack, close the dishes. Take the personal protective measures, wear goggles, gloves, respirator.


To fight with bugs must to their complete destruction.

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