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How to get bed bugs


How to get bed bugs</a>

Bed bugs are carriers of dangerousDiseases, because they feed on the blood of not only humans, but also rodents, birds, animals. Sleep in the presence of bedbugs in the bed becomes intermittent, the person is bothered by the itch from bites, moreover, when crushed from bugs, an unpleasant, specific smell emanates.

If bedbugs are in bed, then they live around the house and the treatment should be done throughout the house.

There are many ways to fight insects.

You will need

  • -insecticide preparations from creeping insects
  • -tansy
  • -sagebrush
  • -kerosene
  • -soap
  • -turpentine
  • -sagebrush



The most effective way to combat bed problems Bedbugs Is to call special services for fullProcessing the whole house. Modern ways of processing do not leave traces on furniture, bed-clothes and do not have a smell. The effect persists for two years. But it's quite expensive.


At home, you can handle all the sofas,Bed, crevices - insecticide preparations in aerosol packing from creeping insects. Bedclothes to wash, boil and iron. As already mentioned above, you need to process all the rooms, paying special attention to cracks, carpets, upholstered furniture.


Also, a good effect is the removal of soft furniture, carpets, pillows, blankets to frost. While everything is in the cold, in the house you need to process all the cracks, floor preparations from creeping insects.


To folk remedies against bed Bedbugs Treatment of all surfaces with kerosene,A solution of soap and turpentine, soap and kerosene, a strong infusion of tansy. Dry tansy can be spread around the house, bedbugs do not tolerate its smell. Also there is wormwood, which can be used in the form of infusion or by spreading out throughout the house.


With any treatment from home, you need to remove people andPets, make an aquarium, cages with birds. All the products are packed, the dishes are closed. Take personal protective measures, wear glasses, gloves, respirator.


To fight with Bedbugs Should be fully destroyed.

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