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How to breed sheep


How to breed sheep</a>

In our time, the breeding of rams remains an equally necessary type of business, and there are many technologies for their content.

And like many other types of business, their business isThe breeding of rams begins with the design of the company, the drafting of a business plan, as well as the conclusion of a standard agreement for the lease of premises and pastures for grazing.

You will need

  • Several sheep and sheep



Breeding Rams Can be directed to the sale of meat, skins, as well as wool. In order for the idea of ​​breeding Rams Was not too expensive, you can offer such an idea, which is in the year-round pasture Rams On pasture with the preparation of feeds by only 15-20%. To increase the profitability of the idea of ​​breeding Rams It should also be responsible to choose the breed Rams.

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The breed of sheep should choose the one that will give the greatest amount of meat. These breeds are usually imported from Germany, Australia, France. However, it should be borne in mind that it is with grazing Rams There may be problems with local authorities, because it requires a special permit.

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When breeding Rams It is worth giving preference to coarse-wooled rams, which will save on heating space. Also these rocks Rams Are most suitable for our climatic conditions. Breeding coarse-wooled Rams Seems to be the most successful option in the territory of Russia.

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