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Sexual intercourse urchins

On the topic of breeding hedgehogs have a lot of jokes and anecdotes.

All this is due to the sharp needles. People wonder how hedgehogs unable to arrange love games?

After necessarily prevent the thorns. It is an illusion.

In fact, hedgehogs breed like all mammals, and needle, strangely enough, they absolutely do not interfere.



The marriage between hedgehogs occurs in June. The male smell that is released by glands of the female, a special secret with pheromones. Candidacy for mating, he is going to this smell. Finding female, hedgehog attracted her attention, and snort dashes. If the female responds favorably begin preliminary games.

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The process of courtship and sex directlyhedgehogs act as much as possible try to hide. That's why they make their courtship in the grass or under a burdock. First, male and female make sniffing, turning to each other muzzles. They then produce a joint act of urination. Then the fun begins.

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The male tends to approach the female from behind. She struggles resists, turns to him sideways with prickly needles. Hedgehog hedgehog meets resistance, pushing her legs and muzzle. Then, the male raises his head and lip wrinkles. Throughout sex play can be heard loud sighs and wheezing. This process can take several hours.

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Act hedgehogs occurs in the position of "partner behind." Why do lovers do not interfere with the needles? The fact that in ordinary life and hard rigid needle that is caused by high blood pressure. During the mating period, the pressure is reduced, the needles are soft. Plus hedgehog picks up a needle, firmly puts them on the back. Sam intercourse lasts 2-3 seconds.

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Gestational hedgehog - about 7 weeks. Typically, born from 3 to 6 ezhat. Cubs appear blind, with soft light needles. newborn body ezhonka Length - 6-7 cm, weight - 10-15 grams. Ezhata beginning to see in 2 weeks, self-powered - a month. As a result, the female takes care of the offspring within 2 months, after which ezhata leave home "home". Jerzy lead an independent life, do not start standing partners and do not form stable families.

Newborn ezhonok

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