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How do hedgehogs multiply?


Sexual intercourse of urchins</a>

There are many jokes and anecdotes on the breeding of hedgehogs.

All this is due to sharp needles. People wonder how hedgehogs manage to make love games.

After all, thorns necessarily interfere. It's an illusion.

In fact, hedgehogs reproduce like all mammals, and needles, oddly enough, do not interfere with them at all.



The marriage period for hedgehogs occurs in June. The male smells, which is allocated by glands of the female, a special secret with pheromones. He finds the candidate for mating, walking on this smell. Finding a female, the hedgehog attracts her attention with snorts and dashes. If the female responds favorably, preliminary games begin.

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The process of courtship and directly sexualAct of the hedgehog maximally try to hide. That's why they arrange their mating games in dense grass or under mugs. First, the male and female make sniffing, turning their faces to each other. Then they produce a joint act of urination. After that, the fun begins.

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The male tends to approach the female from behind. She struggles with all her strength, turns to him sideways with spiky needles. The hedgehog responds to the resistance of the hedgehog, pushing its paws and muzzle. Then the male raises his head and wrinkles his lips. Throughout the whole sexual game, you can hear sighs and a loud sniff. This process can last several hours.

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Act in hedgehogs occurs in the position of "partner from behind." Why do not needles interfere with lovers? The fact is that in ordinary life, needles are hard and hard, which is due to high blood pressure. In the mating season, this pressure decreases, the needles become soft. Plus hedgehog picks up the needles, tightly puts them on the back. The sexual act itself lasts 2-3 seconds.

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The gestation period of the hedgehog is about 7 weeks. Usually 3 to 6 hedgehogs are born. The young appear blind, with soft light needles. The body length of the newborn baby is 6-7 cm, weight - 10-15 grams. Hedgehogs begin to see after 2 weeks, self-feed - in a month. As a result, the female takes care of the offspring for 2 months, after which the hedgehogs leave their native "house". Jerzy lead an independent way of life, do not have permanent partners and do not form stable families.

Newborn baby

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