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Colorful male guppies

As well, returning home after a hard day,get in front of the aquarium and watch the emotion of water inhabitants. But there will always be plenty of time to ensure proper care of pets, so many try not to have a thoroughbred fish and limited unpretentious, but bright, colorful, with chic tailed guppies.

In addition, breeding them - it's not complicated.

Guppies may be present in any giventheir conditions. But still, if you want to see a healthy and colorful fish and want to breed and breeding guppies, then you need to make sure that the volume of water in the tank was 2 liters each male and 4 liters per doe.
Lighting should be 12 hours a day,desirable water filtration. The preferred water temperature - 24-26oS. Guppies - peaceful fish, so their neighbors can be the same medium-sized, quiet types. The aquarium should include open areas for swimming fish and nooks for breeding and rearing fry.

In the water, where they live guppy fish, to prevent infectious diseases can be added to table salt or sea salt per 5 grams per 10 liters of water.

Representatives of guppies are live-bearingfishes, they are born fry. For breeding guppies taken the best fry and grown to maturity in a large capacity, providing a rational feeding. When fry reach three weeks of age, they are seated in different aquariums, taking into account gender. During this period, males lengthened the first rays of the anal fin, while females appear dark spots on the back of the abdomen.

Preparation for pairing

which puts the fry guppies
Sexual maturity occurs guppies in 4-6 months. Fish begin to be transplanted to a separate breeding aquarium. On one female two males take the manufacturer. In place of mating they spend about 10 days. Stimulation of spawning exercise regularly change the water and raising its temperature to 2-3oS. The male fertilizes the female modified anal fin. Then the males go into the general aquarium, and the female starts to bear fry. females Gestation lasts 3-4 weeks.

The number of fry depends on the age of the mother of the female. Nulliparous female brings to 20 fry, adult large female, which more than a year, can give birth to up to 150 fishes.

The emergence of fry

how to keep guppies
Spawning grounds where the pregnant femaleguppies, you need to plant a small-leaved plants to postpartum fry could hide there. Before birth the abdomen of the female increases and becomes a square. Spawning can last about a day. Brits fall to the bottom of the aquarium, and then rise to the surface. After birth, the fry, the female must be removed in a common tank. Young animals are fed a variety of feeds, live daphnia, given the size. The fry grow slowly, and the males when they reach sexual maturity, to grow longer. On the fast maturation affects water temperature, the higher - the better.
Aquarium with guppies does not cause much trouble. Minimal maintenance, your care, nutrition fry will give you lots of positive emotions, a sense of responsibility for their favorite pets. Breeding guppies will develop aesthetic taste you and your children.

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