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HOW breeding goldfish

gold fish

Content goldfish requires special attentionby their owner. These aquatic inhabitants differ quite a moody character, so all additional elements for the aquarium should be chosen very carefully.

Breeding goldfish - a special process.

The result of this period depends on your patience and knowledge.



There are many varieties of goldfish. To obtain good and "quality" should be the offspring during the spawning season is deposited into a separate container a pair of fish only one species. The fry from different parents may inherit entirely unpredictable symptoms, resulting in a small fish will be difficult to attribute to a particular breed.

any aquarium fish breed well postponing caviar


Goldfish become able to breedingcloser to the year of life. Determine sexual maturity of fish is possible for some external changes. In females, front fins appear clearly visible growths, and rounded bellies. Males are changing their behavior and try to spend as much time as possible in female society. In addition to the gills they appear bright lumps.

how long after spawning hatched fry?


During transplantation goldfish for breedingin a separate aquarium should pay attention to the potential conditions of their habitat. It is desirable that the water temperature setting and it did not differ from the usual for a pair of home. Otherwise, the long-awaited spawning can linger for a long time.

how to breed fish


at the courtship process takes place in the goldfishactive form. The male is trying by all means to drive the female in most private place. Once this happens, it pulls the female with his body and waits for the start of spawning. Fertilization takes place immediately after the release of eggs from the female body.


Within hours, the female can lay eggs several times. Male in such moments is always next to his companion. During spawning rut inhabitants of the aquarium is better not to bother.


Please note that immediately aftercomplete the process of spawning of goldfish is necessary as it is possible to return to the old aquarium faster. Otherwise, they can consume their own eggs to eat.


Deposition of eggs is almost impossible at firstnotice on the bottom of the aquarium because of the transparent shell. The color begins to change after 1-2 days. Your task - to constantly inspect the tank. As soon as you notice the place of eggs arrangement, immediately remove them from the water using a special net.


The eggs should be placed in a solution of methylene blue. This tool can be found at any pet store or pharmacy. This material will retain vital functions inside the eggs. Otherwise, eggs can be infected by the fungus, and all the offspring will die. Handle future fry is enough for a few hours.


Fry emerge from the eggs after about5 days. Grow goldfish rather quickly, but to control the temperature of the water you have to almost always. The optimum environment for juveniles - 23-25 ​​degrees.


Feed the fry should be special feeds,It is notable for its consistency. Food for young fish usually resembles dust. After 1-2 months, the fry will be able to eat food which usually offer adult goldfish.

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