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HOW braided spike on its side

As braided spike on its side

One advantage of the pigtail spike is that it is possible to braid as curly or straight hair on.

This hairstyle will allow to look carefully at the same time incredibly feminine.

To add originality to the image, you can braid ear of one side.

Technique splicing spikelets side

Spike braid itself is hard enough, butperhaps. It takes a little patience and perseverance. Each time the braid will receive all the careful and time spent on weaving, will be reduced.
To begin, prepare the hair - carefully theircomb. It is easier to braid a little spike on wet hair. In this case, the locks will be smoother and neater. To do this, you can comb the hair a little sprinkle of water sprayer.
If your hair is thin enough, a littlenacheshite them at the roots. Make it quite easy with a small comb or a fine comb. Thanks bouffant hairstyle acquire the necessary volume and will look more elegant.
Zacheshite hair back, so as not to be seenparting. Then gently peel off from the top of the three strands, from which you will begin to weave braid to the side. It is important to take the locks it from the side, where it will go spit. In order to understand the weaving scheme, number the strands from left to right: first, second, third. The first strand place between the second and third. Then take the third strand and reload it between the first and second. Now start adding in the ear of the hair. this gently separate the second strand, place it between the first and third, and then grab a small lock of hair left.
Then repeat all over again, but part of the hairgrab already on the right side. Continue to do so all over the head, gently alternating strands from different sides. Hair tighten more tightly to hairstyle looked more neat and individual hairs are not distracting from the spit.
Tail, remaining at the end of spikelets can be hidden under the braid using stealth or a small clip. If the hair is long, it is possible to braid long its entire length.

How to diversify spike

To give hair a lighter, a littlecasual look, gently loosen the spike, gently pulling each strand, starting from the base of the spit. So you'll have a soft, delicate pigtail. You can experiment with hair, pulling some pryadok that they framed a face. In order to fix the result for a long time, sprinkle with lacquered hair.
Use a variety of accessories, for example,flowers for the hair, barrettes, tiaras. So you'll look unique and the variety of appearance, even braiding the same scythe a few days in a row. Especially since the spike, braided to one side - an unusual and very beautiful hairstyle.

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