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How the spikelet rotates on its side


How the spikelet rotates on its side</a>

One of the advantages of pigtails is that it can be braided in curly hair as well as on straight hair.

This hairstyle will look neat and at the same time incredibly feminine.

To add originality to the image, you can brace the spikelets on one side.

Spinning technique

It is quite difficult to mold the spike to itself, butperhaps. It will take a little patience and perseverance. With each time the pigtail will get more accurate, and the time spent on the weaving will be reduced.
First, prepare the hair - carefullyComb. It is easier to braid spikelets on slightly damp hair. In this case, the strands will be smoother and more accurate. To do this, you can sprinkle the hair with a little water from the spray gun.
If your hair is thin enough, a littleScratch them at the roots. To do this simply enough with the help of a small comb or a thin comb. Thanks to the hair, the hairdo will get the necessary volume and will look more elegant.
Comb your hair back so that you can not see itParting. Then gently separate from the top of the three strands, from which you begin to weave the plait sideways. It is important to take the strands from the side where the braid will come from. In order to understand the scheme of the weaving, number the strands from left to right: first, second, third. Place the first strand between the second and third. Then take the third strand and shift it between the first and second. Now start adding hair to the spikelet. To do this, carefully separate the second strand, place it between the first and third, and then grab a small strand of hair on the left.
Then repeat all over again, but some of the hairGrab already on the right side. Continue to do so throughout the head, neatly alternating strands from different directions. Hair tighten more tightly so that the hairstyle looks more neat and the individual hairs do not get out of the braid.
The tail remaining at the end of the spikelet can be hidden under the braid with the help of an invisible or a small hairclip. If the hair is long, then you can braid a long one along the entire length.

How to vary the spikelet

To give the hair more light, a littleNegligent appearance, gently loosen the spikelet, carefully pulling each strand, starting from the base of the braid. So you will get a delicate, openwork pigtail. You can experiment with the hairdo by stretching a few stitches so that they frame the face. To fix the result for a longer time, sprinkle your hair with varnish.
Use different accessories, for example,Flowers for hair, hairpins, diadems. So you will look unique and diversify the appearance, even plaiting the same braid for several days in a row. Especially because spikelets, braided on one side - an unusual and very beautiful hairstyle.

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