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How to braid French braid

How to braid French braid

According to legend, a French braid appeared in the Middle Ages at the court of the King of France. Today, it is the height of fashion and weave it is almost every girl with a more or less long hair.

The French braid is ideal for any event, but to create it, you must know the technique of weaving.

Weave French braids

For weaving classic French braids youYou need a massage hairbrush and comb with a pointed end of a long, hair elastic, satin colored ribbons, barrettes invisible, mousse or lacquer easy fixing. Begin braiding French braid preferably on a clean, freshly washed and dried hair.

Braided plait or head can be decorated with a variety of accessories in the form of feathers, lace, flowers, crystals, coins and so on.

The hair comb is good to extinctiontangled strands and sprinkle a small amount of polish. Then distribute the hair on one side, separate the one big strand from the rest of the mass and divide it into three equal strands. Tat start from the forehead, taking extreme strand with the right side of the head and dragging her to the central strand, while capturing a bit of loose hair. Then pull the central strand of the strand on the right and place it on top of the left. Interweaves strands on both sides of the head, until dopletete until the end of the hair length. After braiding French braid secure with tape or a rubber band.
Also traditionally French, thereinverted, or reversed, Spit, which is known for its gentle and romantic views. Its weaving technique is similar to the classic French version, but it is wrong.

Elegant, light and unusual French braid-rim

To braid French braid-ring, and washdry hair, then apply a mousse for fixing and make parting from ear to ear with a comb with long pointed tip. At the same time, try to comply with all the hairline. The main mass of hair kill the invisible or secure with a rubber band, so they do not interfere with you in weaving the French rim.

The strands for weaving this variant hairstyles should not be too narrow or wide, so hair does not look rough.

Begin to weave the classic French braid withthe parties of the left ear, based on any technique her weaving. Braid braid toward the right ear as long as you are no more locks to podpletaniya in a braid, and then tie the end of the streamer tape or a rubber band and fix it invisible.
If desired, you can make the French borderopenwork, careless or disheveled - enough to weaken the already classic braided plait and artistic release from it a few strands. Decorate the rim can be smaller flower heads with pins or weave in his narrow satin ribbons of bright color.

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