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How to boil the bank, not to burst

Very frustrating when during the preparation of cans to pieces, they suddenly burst.

Experienced hostess may reduce the likelihood that the bank will break during boiling.

For a better safety preparations for the winter banksyou should choose a clean, free from damage and chips. Before you put inside the preform, the glass containers must be properly treated to get rid of microorganisms. One of the best ways recognized boiling cans.

Why is the glass in boiling water may burst

Sometimes when boiled in water banks burst. From this trouble if you can not get rid of, or at least minimized. To do this, the hostess resorting to various tricks, boiled banks using rags, planks, Corn Bunting, slightly heated glass before boiling. Some ways they can not even explain - simply "everybody does it".
The reason that the glass breaks - unevenits expansion during heating. The thicker the bank, the more likely that it will break. Thick-walled glass warming worse, the same extension in the vessel is established very slowly. If banks sharply lowered into the boiling water, it can cause the appearance of cracks, due to which and broken glass.

To the banks do not burst when handling boiling, it is best to warm them gradually and slowly. Glass will ensure uniform heating, without abrupt jumps in temperature.

How to conduct boiling cans

At the bottom of a large pan put a plate, topsatisfied with the banks. Water is necessary to fill in all the way that the packaging was completely covered. If banks are empty inside, too, pour water, cover with a lid and jar - preferably metal. But if banks are boiled together with the position inside the preform, of course they are closed.
Install the banks is necessary so that when boiledthey tapped against each other - which may also lead to cracking. To the banks do not touch, you can pave a smooth cloth between them.
The water should be heated slowly, over medium heat. After the water has boiled, the water held in the banks depending on their size: 0.5 to 0.75 liters - 10 minutes liter - not less than 15 minutes, two-liter - 20 minutes. The three-liter boiled for 25 minutes to half an hour. After this time, banks carefully extracted from the boiling water and put in a saucepan with new ones.

During the boiling water from the pan willgradually evaporate. the water temperature in the pan has not changed significantly - to keep it at the same level, it will have to fill up slowly and with great caution.

In order not to burn yourself during removal from the cansboiling water, you can use tongs for meat and other ancillary items. There are special tools for grasping the neck, but they are only suitable for cans with blanks. But with their help you can get to the bank carefully, not very fast - the glass may break, not only from the sudden change in temperature from cold to hot, but sometimes vice versa.

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