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How to blur the background in Photoshop


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Not all people are professionalPhotographers. And even those who take photography seriously, in some situations do not have time to set the necessary parameters on the camera: events are developing too quickly.

Let's talk about how to fix the background, which turned out not sufficiently blurred. The reason why this could happen is only one? The aperture during shooting was not sufficiently open.

In general, this method looks very nice when portraiture. Then the person turns out sharply, and the background behind it is beautifully blurred.

If for some reason you failed to achieve this during the shooting, do not be discouraged.

You can easily fix this in Photoshop.



On our example there are 4 beautiful girls. They are in focus, which makes their image sharp. But I would like to separate them a bit from the background. Open the photo in Adobe Photoshop and create a copy of the "background" layer. Name a copy of? 1. We will work on this layer.

Be sure to create a copy of the layer


Now take the tool? Blur ?. If you want to blur the background, set the intensity to 100%. For large areas, take a large brush. But do not forget to work through small details. For them, set a smaller brush size. Make sure that the final result is natural. It is important that the eroding brush does not get to where it should not be. The very process of blurring is very simple: an instrument? Blur? You spend on those places that you want to make less clear.

Set the parameters that are convenient for you


In a few minutes the result will be ready. Save the resulting image. Now your photo has acquired a larger volume and looks more interesting. But please note: this method is not suitable for any pictures.


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