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HOW blur the background in Photoshop

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Not all people are professionalphotographers. And even those who are engaged in photography seriously, in some cases do not have time to put the settings on the camera too quickly developing events.

Let's talk about how to fix the background, which turned out blurry enough. The reason that this could occur, only one? aperture while shooting was not sufficiently open.

In general, this method looks wonderful for portraits. Then the man turns sharply, and the background behind it beautifully blurred.

If you for some reason was unable to achieve this during the shoot, do not worry.

You can easily fix it in Photoshop.



In our example, there are 4 beautiful girls. They are in focus, making them a sharp image. But I would like a little to separate them from the background. Open the photo in Adobe Photoshop and create a duplicate layer? Pattern ?. Give a copy of? 1 ?. This layer will work.

Always create a copy of the layer


Now take the tool? Blur ?. If you want much to blur the background, set the rate at 100%. For larger areas, take a large brush size. But do not forget to work out, and the small details. For them, set the brush size smaller. Make sure that the final result was a natural. It is important that blur tool did not get to where it should not be. Sam blur process is very simple: the blur tool? you spend on the places you want to make less clear.

Set parameters convenient for you


After a few minutes the result is ready. Save the resulting image. Now your picture acquired greater volume and looks more interesting. But note: this method is not suitable for all images.


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