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How to blow glass


How to blow glass</a>

Glass-blowing craft has a rich history - since ancient times master glass-blowers have created skilful and beautiful glass vessels of various shapes, surprising the people around with the refinement of their products.

Today, the technology of creating glass handmade objects has become more perfect than before, but the general stages of manufacturing glass vessels of different vessels have remained the same.



To make a glass object to startIt is necessary to melt the raw material for the glass mass in the fire. Collect glass in a special tube for blowing glass, then turn the tube several times between the fingers to distribute the mass inside it.


Blowing the ball out of the tube, watch for whatThe air is sucked in by force to blow out the glass canister exactly the size you need. While the glass preform has not cooled down, it must be placed in a special wooden mold moistened with water.


After placing the cylinder blank in the mold, continueBlow out the glass so that it has the same shape as your wooden pattern. After the glass in the wooden form has cooled, it must be removed, and then proceed to work on grinding and finishing the shape of the glass product.


Use the grinding wheel to achieveThe necessary shape and design of the glass vessel, so that its real appearance corresponds to a pre-thought out sketch. After grinding, the next stage of machining the product is a thread requiring high precision and fine work.


A finished product covered with the necessary reliefs andPatterns, it is possible to additionally cover with a thin layer of gilding, which will emphasize the elegant lines of carving on the glass. In addition to gold, patterns can be created by etching. Gilded areas polish with agate or hematite bars.

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