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How to blow glass

Glass-blowing has a rich history - a long time master glassmakers have created clever and beautiful glass vessels of various shapes, surprising refinement of the products of others.

Today technology is creating glass objects handmade become more sophisticated than ever before, but the overall steps glassmaker manufacturing various vessels remained the same.



For the manufacture of glass objects to startWe need to melt the raw material for the glass mass in the fire. Collect glass in a special glass tube for blowing, then rotate the tube several times between the fingers to spread the mass inside it.


Blowing out of the tube ball, be careful with whatforce is the air supply to blow the glass bulb is of the size that you need. While the glass preform has cooled down, it should be placed in a special wooden mold, moistened with water.


By placing the container in the shape of the workpiece, continueblown glass, so that it has acquired the same form as your wood pattern. After the glass cools in a wooden form, it must be removed, and then proceed to work on the grinding and refining forms of glass products.


With the help of the grinding disc solicitthe shape and design of the glass vessel, to its real appearance consistent with a premeditated sketch. After polishing, the next stage of processing products is the thread that requires high precision and fine workmanship.


The finished product is covered with reliefs and the rightpatterns can be further coated with a thin layer of gilding, which will emphasize the elegant line of the thread on the glass. In addition to gold, patterns can be created by etching. Gold-plated field polish agate or haematite bars.

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