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HOW blow pipe

How to blow pipe

Country houses usually have its own independent water and heating system, so owners should be able to independently maintain the health of your own home infrastructure.



Each house has its own individual systemheating and most of the engineering solution is taken into account self-draining, but there are exceptions, and just "shoddy work" system installers (for example, pipes can keep at or below ground level), withwhich you have to intervene in the process of draining the water to prevent it from freezing in the system and, accordingly, the output of the last order. To do this, be sure to get the compressor and receiver, which use natural after draining in order to purge the system and remove the remains.


When buying, consider the compressor heating system size pipe diameters, depending on which experts will be picked up by the compressor specific power and the required volume of the receiver.
Remember that the volume of the receiver should be greater than the amount of water placed in your system is about 3 times.


Be sure to specify a specialist, how many branchesin your system and how much does the drain valve. To be most effective purge system each branch separately, differently because of the increasing cross-section air velocity in some places may not be enough, or purchase a more powerful receiver immediately.


Remember that even using a compressor,you may not be able to blow out any moisture completely! In this case, it makes sense to pour antifreeze, which would have 100% confidence that the next warm season do not have to think about the repair of heating / water system.

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