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Where to go to learn from the speech therapist

How better to learn at school

Do all that you have evaluated objectively

If you receive the best possible estimate, having learned all the necessary material, you just need to begin to take steps to ensure that you have started to evaluate objectively.

You will need

  • 1. mind
  • 2. Work on the speech
  • 3. Respect for the teacher
  • 4. Confidence



Sit in the front row. The proximity to the teacher will allow you to remember it well. In addition, he realizes that his listening with interest just you.

Get closer to the teacher


Try to remember your teacher. The main thing here? not be intrusive. For good results leads attentive listening to the teacher. To do this, you must really listen to his interest, from time to time to ask questions.

Ask him questions


To express their opinion. Try to rely on sources. In this respect the other point of view and be prepared to accept it if it is acceptable. Keep calm tone and never let aggression.

Express their views


Take a teacher as he is. Do not try to remake man. This means that you need to respect the method that is chosen for its teacher training. In addition, all without exception, the teachers like to be visited by the subject. Also, turn off the sound on a mobile phone during class.

No need to alter teacher


Speak clearly and competently. Try to read more books to enrich their speech. It is also helpful to go to the theater to talk with people who have a good command of Russian literary language, etc. In short, work on your speech.

Work on your speech


Respond confidently. Teachers often perceive anxiety as a result of poor preparation. Therefore, do not give his excitement, if any. Even your gestures and postures need to talk about what you paid much attention to this subject.

Be confident

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