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How best to trim the balcony


How best to trim the balcony</a>

Due to a wide variety of modern finishing materials, it is not difficult to choose the option of an internal lining of a balcony or balcony.

Cladding the various surfaces of the balcony completes its landscaping and allows the embodiment of any designer's ideas of the owner.

What are the types of skin materials for the balcony and what are their features?



Sew a balcony with a plastic lining. This is a practical, inexpensive finishing material. Does not need painting, it is convenient to work with. In addition, there are a lot of color solutions for plastic panels. In the care material is convenient because it can be simply wiped with a damp cloth or washed with a vacuum cleaner. Of the minuses of such a skin for a balcony, you can call a less spectacular view than with the cladding of wooden surfaces.


Another type of plastic for the lining of a loggia orBalconies - seamless lining. This type of skin material has the same advantages as a plastic lining, but the treated surface of walls and ceiling with this type of lining practically has no visible seams, representing a uniform glossy surface. The service life of the coating is up to 30 years. A seamless lining is produced by strips with a width of 6 m, so think about the possibility of its transportation.


PVC suture board is aNarrow strata (up to 100 mm wide), on the sides of which there are plug-in connecting grooves, which effectively look in the assembly on the finished surface. The material has a long service life, it is easy to clean.


MDF boards for finishing loggias wellConfronts the light without losing its color. The material consists of wood, pressed and covered with PVC film. Problems in the installation of this type of lining can be due to the complexity of joining the grooves. Also the material does not like wet cleaning. For the same reason, they can not cover the open areas of the balcony.


The wooden paneling looks particularly impressive andAesthetically. Experts recommend that after installing it immediately cover the finished surface with varnish, so that it better withstand moisture and was airtight. This is the most environmentally friendly kind of surface sheathing in living areas.


Today, there is also the opportunity to cover the wallsBalcony with aluminum panels. Such panels, though expensive, but incredibly practical, durable. Aluminum from which they are made, does not burn, steadily tolerates moisture. Color solutions for such a decorative material set. Profiles are multi-layer panels, where between two aluminum sheets is a filler made of plastic or mineral substances.

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