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How best to finish a holiday home outside and inside


How best to finish a holiday home outside and inside</a>

Dacha is a house intended for communicating withNature and recreation, even if you are engaged in gardening in a summer residence, plant fruit trees or try your hand at landscape design. After working in the open air, you will even want to spend an evening in a cozy cottage, the whole atmosphere of which breathes comfort.

Therefore, the internal and external decoration of this structure should provide comfort and comfort along with the interior and furniture.

Internal finishing of the country house

Planning a holiday home should be enoughOpen and provide for a large area of ​​the common area, where family members and guests will spend time together. For finishing the bedrooms you can use ordinary paper wallpaper, eco-friendly and "breathable". Choose a wallpaper pattern in a small flower, it will look good and wallpaper for painting combined with natural, made in the form of mats. Finishing materials, their pattern and texture should be emphasized by simple, close to natural materials.

Taking into account the seasonal use of the holiday home, materials for interior finishing, select those that are not subject to deformation and destruction under the influence of a sharp temperature drop.

Inside for finishing the common area, you can chooseWood or brick. To avoid color monotony, the wooden walls and ceiling can be covered with a bright varnish on a water basis, and the floor - with a varnish of warm yellowish tone. The brick can be natural, but you can also use decorative patch panels that mimic unplastered brick walls. Such panels look great in combination with surfaces finished with plaster, having a rough texture.
In general, such characteristic finishing materials,Like natural or artificial stone and brick, it is better to use fragmentary, in this case they will not look so gloomy. However, if the walls are supposed to hang shelves or a lot of pictures, you can use ordinary textured plaster of the same color, but different tones or different matching colors for decoration.

Than to finish the walls of the country house outside

If the dacha is built of bricks, there is no senseCover the external walls with any finishing materials, plastic windows "under the tree", equipped with shutters will give your country house a completely finished and cozy rural appearance. But a brick or a finishing natural stone - materials are quite expensive. You can choose options from more budgetary, but not less attractive. You can decorate your house with a siding "under the brick" or the usual color, picking it up to the color of the windows, the entrance and balcony doors.

The lining can be used for finishing the country house both inside and outside. Of course, it will need to be covered with a protective layer, especially outside.

Cheaper than siding will cost colored cement orFinishing plaster. For exterior wall finishing, you can also use a conventional lining, if desired, you can put a layer of insulation under it. This option is quite cheap, but the house will look beautiful and natural. Not bad looking dacha houses, for the external finishing of which used a tile, imitating a brick or natural stone.

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