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How best to equip the greenhouse


We equip the greenhouse</a>

The greenhouse, in fact the same greenhouse, only without a foundation. Its main advantage is mobility.

The greenhouse is easily disassembled and moved from place to place, and for winter it can be removed.

The greenhouse not only protects plants from cold and bad weather, but also prolongs the period of their fruiting.

Setting up a greenhouse for vegetables, it is necessary to take into account some important nuances.

You will need

  • -turf
  • -linoleum
  • -foil



In order for the plants not to blow, the bottom of the greenhouse on three sides is better to cover the turf (the upper layer of the ground with grass).


To the inside of the dwelling for plants weeds did not break through, set the skeleton not on the ground, but on the linoleum strips.


It is better to install the greenhouse on a hill. There are no stagnant waters, and the temperature is several degrees higher than in the lowland.


Long walls of the greenhouse must be oriented from east to west. With this arrangement vegetables warm up well on the south side.


The northern wall is better to film from the inside with foil. The sun, penetrating through the roof, will be reflected from the foil, and the plants will receive additional light and heat.

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