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How best to arrange a greenhouse

Equips greenhouse

Greenhouse, essentially the same greenhouse, only without a foundation. Its main advantage - it is portability.

A greenhouse can be easily disassembled and rearranged from place to place, but in the winter it can be removed.

Greenhouse is not only protects plants from cold and bad weather, but also prolongs their fruiting.

Equipping a greenhouse for vegetables, you need to take into account some important nuances.

You will need

  • -turf
  • -linoleum
  • -foil



To plants are not ash pit, the bottom of the greenhouse on three sides to impose better turf (the top layer of soil with grass).


To prevent weeds made their way into the home plant, set frame is not on the ground, and on the linoleum strips.


Greenhouse is better to install on a hill. There's not stagnate melt water, and the temperature a few degrees higher than in the lowlands.


Long wall of the greenhouse should be oriented from east to west. With this arrangement, the vegetables are well warmed up on the south side.


North wall is better to paste over the inside foil. The sun, penetrating through the roof, will be reflected from the foil, and the plants will receive additional light and heat.

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