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How do cats behave after castration


How do cats behave after castration </a>

Often domesticated cats are castrated as soon as they come out of adolescence.

Their owners probably remember that the behavior of an animal that has not yet completely disappeared from anesthesia may be inadequate.

It's not scary, it's important only to watch the cat so that it does not hurt and does not damage the seam.

If the kitten that appeared in your home is notRepresents values ​​as a thoroughbred producer, then when he reaches 7-8 months, one should think about his castration. It's not just that 9 out of 10 non-castrated sexually mature cats are starting to leave ugly marks everywhere. In addition to this, a cat can simply run away from home in search of a female, and anything can happen on the street - dogs will attack, a car will crash, but little else what. Therefore, if you want a pet to live in your home for a long and happy life, it is better to castrate it when you reach adulthood.
You need to start feeding the castrated cat food for the catted cats

Behavior of the cat immediately after castration

Preparation for castration of a cat
First of all, pay attention to the fact thatThe body temperature of the animal after castration is reduced by several degrees, which is a consequence of anesthesia. The cat needs to be heated, so bring it home, carefully wrapping it in a warm blanket. Even on arrival, the animal is best placed on the floor near the battery or other safe source of heat.
How to feed a cat after sterilization
When the action of anesthesia begins to pass, the catLittle by little comes to the senses. At first he hardly moves, then crawls and, at last, tries to stand on his paws. For some time after castration, the coordination of the animal is severely impaired, so watch it. The cat can fall or injure, so limit its movement and calm the animal.
Is sterilization of cats
You can water the cat within 4-5 hours afterOperation. As for the feeding, it is certain that the cat will vomit, if it will eat on the day of the operation. Therefore, do not give the cat feed earlier than the next day.
Why to castrate cats?

Life of a cat after castration

Absolute majority of cats after castrationBecome more affectionate and playful. In some cases, the cat can gain weight, so, perhaps, the owner of the cat will have to take more responsibly to the ration of the animal.
The life of a castrated cat is no worse than the life of a pedigree animal, on the contrary, timely castration solves many problems and facilitates the joint living of the cat and its owners.

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