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HOW behaved cats after castration

How to behave cats after castration

Often, domestic cats are castrated as soon as they come out of adolescence.

Their owners will remember that the behavior is still not completely departed from the anesthesia the animal may be inadequate.

It's not terrible, it is important only to observe the cat, so that it is not injured and not injured joint.

If the kitten, which appeared in your house, do notrepresents values ​​as a thoroughbred manufacturer, then it reaches 7-8 months, you should think about his castration. It's not just that 9 out of 10 non-castrated males of mature age are beginning to leave around disgusting smelling labels. In addition to this, the cat may simply run away from home in search of females, and the street anything can happen - the dog attack, hit by a car, but you never know what else. So if you want to pet lived in your home a long and happy life, it is better to castrate him after reaching adulthood.
you need to start feeding the cat food for neutered cats kastrtrovannyh

Cat Behavior immediately after castration

preparation for the cat castration
First of all, pay attention to whatanimal body temperature after castration lowered a few degrees, which is a consequence of anesthesia. Cat need to be heated, so Bring it home, carefully wrapped in a warm blanket. Already on arrival home, the animal is best to lay on the floor near the battery or other safe heat source.
How to feed the cat after sterilization
When the anesthetic effect begins to take place, the catgradually comes to life. At first he could barely move, then crawling and finally trying to get back on their feet. For some time after castration, the animal is severely impaired coordination, so watch out for him. The cat may fall or get hurt, so restrict its movement and calm the animal.
passes sterilization of cats
You can drink a cat within 4-5 hours afteroperation. As for feeding, then surely the cat sick, if he is there to-day operations. So do not give the cat food earlier than the next day.
Why do neutered cats

The life of a cat after castration

The vast majority of cats after castrationbecome more affectionate and playful. In some cases, the cat may gain weight, so perhaps a cat owner have a responsibility to treat the animal diet.
Life neutered cat is no worse than life animal breeding, on the other hand, timely castration solves a lot of problems and facilitate living together cat and its owners.

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