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HOW beautifully decorated garden barrel

How beautifully decorated garden barrel

Barrel in the garden area - a necessary thing in the economy. Uses it brings a lot, but to bring it into presentable hands often do not reach.

However, it is just one hour to decorate the garden barrel simple and original, using the materials at hand.

This barrel will fit perfectly in the interior garden, and even become its decoration!

You will need

  • - Garden barrel - plastic or materials and structures
  • - If the plastic barrel: two aerosol acrylic cylinder - white and zelenoy-
  • - If the metal barrel: two aerosol paint container, metal - white and zelenoy-
  • - Stencils for decor - beautiful leaves of plants collected in the regions or in okrestnostyah-
  • - Personal protective accessories: a respirator, goggles, long rubber gloves.



Pretreatment barrels
The first step is to clean the barrel of dirt anddegreased - it must be washed with soap and water and dry well in the sun. Place the barrel on a small hill, the laid cloth or polyethylene.


The main painting
First you need to paint the whole barrel in greenfrom an aerosol can at a cost of approximately 2/3 of the paint. The total amount of ink is selected depending on the size of the barrel. When the green paint is dry, it should be sprayed on top of white paint chaotic diagonal stripes. Good dry.


Decor barrels
Gather in your garden or in the vicinity of the holidaysettlement diverse large and beautiful leaves, for example - ferns, rowan twigs, maple leaves, etc. Take one sheet, attach it to the barrel, holding the left hand on the stalk, and then from a distance of 20-25 cm light splashes spray green paint over it. So make with all-leaf stencils across the surface of the drum, creating a personalized floral pattern. Give the paint to dry thoroughly, and then set the barrel on a regular place.

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