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How to drive away depression


How to drive away depression</a>

Autumn is the most depressing time of the year. The holidays are over, the sun is showing less and less, the day is getting shorter, there is eternal slush outside the window.

But to struggle with autumn depression and a melancholy it is possible and even it is necessary.



Start with your appearance. If you feel beautiful, charming, sexy, then no autumn depression to you is not terrible. If you have not had time to go to the beauty salon after your vacation, do it right now - the right time has come. Put your nails and hair in order. Despite the fact that open sandals will have to be put in the closet for a long time, this is not an excuse to give up pedicure.


Autumn is an excellent occasion to update your wardrobe. The approaching colds will not scare so much if a beautiful, fashionable and warm coat awaits you in the hallway. Do not neglect the accessories - in rainy weather, a bright umbrella or a refined handbag will help to lift the mood.


Walk more often. If in the summer you spent a lot of time in nature, with the advent of autumn, you should not abandon this habit. Autumn is a beautiful time of the year, but we rarely see its charm in the city bustle. Therefore, dress warmly, take a camera and a basket with you and go to the forest for mushrooms. You will have a rest, take a breath of fresh air, make a lot of beautiful photos and, maybe, you will gather mushrooms for your dinner.


Have a rest with your family. When the rain outside the window, the mood tends to fall. Arrange a holiday for yourself, spending time with close people at home, or organize a noisy party and collect all friends in a cafe.


If you do not want to see anyone, it does not matter. This also happens to everyone. Allow yourself to rest alone. A chilly autumn evening is especially pleasant to get under a soft blanket with a cup of hot chocolate, listen to your favorite music or watch films that were not available in the summer.


Do not mess around. Often depression and melancholy can cover you when you are not doing anything. Therefore, if you feel that the mood is falling rapidly, do something pleasant or, better still, useful. Paradoxically, sometimes even the washing of windows or general house cleaning can save you from depression.

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