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How to stick a baguette to the ceiling


How to stick a baguette to the ceiling</a>

Baguette - a decorative element of the design of the room, allowing you to hide the ugly gaps formed at the junction of the ceiling and wall surfaces.

In order to glue the baguette to the ceiling, there is no need to resort to the services of professionals - you can do it yourself.

You will need

  • - "liquid nails" or glue-
  • - gun for applying "liquid nails" -
  • - hacksaw for metal-
  • - a pencil-
  • - knife-
  • - stool-
  • - sponge-
  • - soap solution-
  • - brush-
  • - sandpaper-
  • - building level



Thoroughly prepare the surface. Align the mounting points of the baguette on the ceiling and walls. It should be taken into account that the size of the drops should not be more than 2 mm. Ensure that the surface is level with the construction level. For this test, a level of at least 1.5 m long is recommended. Clean the surface of the dust and primer. Thanks to the application of the primer, the adhesion between the surfaces of the room and the baguette material will increase. This will help to secure the fixation of the ceiling skirting.


Apply the markup. Attach a baguette between the ceiling and the wall, to one of the walls forming an angle. Mark the outline of the baguette by drawing the top and bottom lines from both sides. Mark the outline on the second wall, similar to the first one.


Attach the baguette to the wall and make marks at the intersections of the baguette with the line drawn earlier. This determines the desired length of the ceiling skirting.


Cut the baguette according to the labels made earlierThe help of a hacksaw for metal. To do this, insert the ceiling skirting in the stool, press firmly and cut it at an angle of 45 degrees. Fold the trimmed parts together and check the connection accuracy. If necessary, adjust the angles with a knife.


Start gluing from the corner of the room. Apply "liquid nails" to the edges of the prepared baguette. Firmly press the baguette to the ceiling. Evenly distribute the adhesive on the seam. Remove excess with a sponge soaked in soapy water. Plug in the joints and rub them with sandpaper.


Allow the glue and putty to dry. If desired, paint the baguette with any suitable paint.

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