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How Veterans Live


How Veterans Live</a>

The Russian people will always remember veterans of the Great Patriotic War as protagonists of their homeland. However, their life at present is far from being the best way.

Most veterans experience serious financial and housing difficulties.



According to social studies, almost 50%Veterans in Russia need social support. This is about 200 thousand people. It is believed that the reason for this is that there is no centralized, systemic solution to the problem in the Russian state. Veterans, in fact, are on the provision of their relatives, close and compassionate people.


Pensions of Russian veterans are much lower thanParticipants of the war in other countries. Monthly payments to veterans in Russia are less than 30 thousand rubles. According to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, the average size of the pension they receive is 26,940 rubles. Taking into account additional material security, the average monthly monetary income of veterans of the Great Patriotic War is 27 thousand 864 rubles, and the widows of the dead servicemen receive 25 thousand 21 rubles.


In large Russian cities, participants in the war,Receiving such a pension, it is very difficult, given the current prices for goods and services of housing and communal services. Some pensioners still do not have their own housing, and a large part of the money they receive goes to pay for medical services and medicines.


Nevertheless, the life of veterans hasA lot of bright moments. They enjoy great respect in society. They are especially warmly congratulated on Victory Day, on May 9, and on other days of Russia's military glory. Veterans become the main guests and spectators of military parades and celebrations, they are given concerts and give valuable gifts. Specially for veterans in the country there are various social benefits.


Unlike in Russia, veterans of the war in GermanyReceive a pension of not less than 1000 euros per month, which translates into rubles to about 40 thousand. In addition, the monthly pension of German veterans can go up to 8,000 euros, depending on the title of the former soldier and on his combat "merits". In France, veterans have a privilege. The pension is more than 6 000 euros per year, which is quite a good allowance. And annual payments to veterans of Great Britain are equal to 9 500 dollars. To them, you can add weekly additional social benefits and various other privileges.


Most European countries, unlikeRussia, celebrate Victory Day in World War II on May 8. On this day, various events are held in the main squares of cities. In the military parades, veterans themselves are also actively participating, whom the descendants greet and honor with joy and pride.

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