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How are the pedals in the car

How are the pedals in the car

The vehicle may have a two or three pedals. All depends on the car model and the type of transmission.

Location pedals always the same, regardless of whether the right or left hand wheel is in the car.



On the left side is the clutch pedal oras it is called "coupling" it yet. This pedal is present only in vehicles with a manual transmission. As a rule, it is operated by the left foot. This pedal allows for smooth drive off and need to switch gears in the gearbox when the car is braking.


This is followed by the brake pedal. Though she is central to the pedal, but is not quite in the center, but still close to the right side, as controlled by the right foot. This pedal is responsible for the decrease in the speed and stop the vehicle. Also it is necessary to hold the car on the spontaneous movement on uneven surfaces.


Next pedal is located on the right,called accelerator or "gas pedal", it controls the supply of fuel and air. Typically, this pedal is close to the floor. Unlike previous pedals, it is narrower and has a fail-safe design that automatically returns it to its original position when it is not pressed by the driver.


Pedals in motor vehicles may be hanging or outdoor installation. It all depends on the brand of car. It is believed that the outdoor setting pedals much easier and more practical.


Some cars have parking pedalbrake, which is called "nozhnikom". These pedals can be found in cars with automatic transmission. This pedal is located on the left and replaces the handbrake lever. At smooth pressing the pedal gets fixed. It is firmly fixed ratchet, as the car itself.


As the right foot is commonly used togas pedal or brakes, then it has no stand on the right, even if the vehicle cruise control. The left leg is only periodically with the clutch, so sometimes the left of the pedals is a support for the feet. Although some drivers practice braking and left foot.


Heavy vehicles on tracks,such as bulldozers or tanks may have two brake-pedal for the left and right sides, respectively. These vehicles do not have a clutch pedal. The bulldozer pedal works in the opposite direction by application of pressing the pedal leads to a halt, easing press - to complete the course. Wheel tractor-scraper has two engines and two gas pedal next to each other, one for the front of the engine, the other - to the rear.

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