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How to arrange a house on the land


How to arrange a house on the land</a>

The organization is necessary in everything!

And the organization of the land is no exception. After all, from the correct location of all future facilities on it will depend on its convenience.

The house is always the basis of the composition of the land.

Therefore, its location should be taken seriously.

How to arrange your house, so that the operation of the whole site became the most comfortable in the future?



First of all, do not place the house close to the street. It is better that the distance from it to the house is about 5-10 m, it will be the most optimal option. If you put the house deeper, then deprive yourself of, for example, protection from street noise and dust, as well as contact with the street and much more.


The distance between neighboring houses should not beLess than 15 m. This is necessary in order that in the event of a fire, the fire does not spread from one structure to another. For the same reasons, you should not place the house closer than 7.5 m to the border with the neighboring site.


As for the location of the house to the sides of the world,Then in whatever climatic zone you live, do not have living rooms on the north side. Also do not forget about the winds. Do not put a house or have living rooms across the winter winds. It is better to choose the southern or eastern side.


If the width of your land is significantlyMore width of the house, then the house is better placed with the edge. This will make it possible to make better use of the remaining space, for example, for the construction of a household or cattle-breeding premises. But keep in mind that the distance from such a building to your house should not be less than 15-20 meters.


The main thing is, from the very beginning, refer to thisSeriously. If you follow these basic and, in fact, simple rules, you will undoubtedly become the owner of the most beautiful land in the district along with the house on it.

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