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How are the Egyptians

How are the Egyptians

Egypt - the two states in one.

One - developed tourist center, well-appointed and prosperous.

Other - the poor North African country, which is beset by ruin.

It is interesting to learn how to live the indigenous Egyptians who are not related to the tourism business.



Take for example a small Egyptian townSafaga, which is located on the coast, but is not directly related to tourism. There is no specific city center - it falls on the intersection of two main streets. In Safaga are no sidewalks, pedestrians are run directly on the roadway. In fact, here and strict traffic rules there.


In Safaga motorcycles more than cars. Cars can be found here, but mostly very old. Here you can see, for example, the Russian Zhiguli and Muscovites covered with beauty inside hides a tiger color and with the Koran under the windshield.


Arab families are plentiful on the streetsmany children. Egyptian children are sociable, happy to be photographed with foreigners, however, as the indigenous people of the adults. Any child is not miss the opportunity to ask an adult for money.


Almost every house in Safaga not completed becausetax on it is far lower than the tax on the completed building. The walls of the houses, whose owners made a pilgrimage to Mecca, painted, painted lettering, they depict the vehicle to the Muslim holy places.


Beach Safaga is very different from the beaches of the resort areas of Egypt. It is very dirty. By the way, the Egyptians did not bathe at a temperature of 25 degrees, as these days are cold.


Family life is based on the centuries-old EgyptianMuslim traditions. The man is the head of the family and the owner of the house. It is completely free in his actions and desires. The woman is engaged in home and raising children. For women it is important to education, and if it works, it is considered a disgrace to the family. A woman should not go out without a hijab (headscarf). Men-Egyptians may have up to four wives if they are able to provide.


To tour the Egyptians are treated with contempt, as "cash cows". But despite this, they are good-natured and cheerful people.

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