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How to arrange beds in the garden


How to arrange beds in the garden</a>

Proper planning of the garden will allow you to get a good harvest, which means that the time and effort expended for planting and care will not be wasted.

Your kitchen garden will give you not only vegetables and greens, but also a good mood.

You will need

  • Reference literature, paper and ruler, pencil and tape measure.



Consider the plan of your garden first on paper, and then on the terrain. Beds Place so that they are maximallySunlight came in. Ideally, when fruit trees close the garden from the cold wind from the north side. If the old trees obscure the beds, and you do not plan to cut them, cut off the upper branches so that the sun passes through the crowns.


Beds Locate from north to south. If the garden is located under a slope, then the planting should be carried across the hill so that the land does not descend down during the wind and rain.


When finding your garden in the lowlands, make out high beds. Do not forget about drainage trenches to remove excess water.


Do just wide and comfortable passages between the beds. You should have the opportunity to go with a cart to any part of the garden.


Immediately provide a place for the compost pile. In it you will fold the weeds from the garden and other remnants, so that everything pereprelo, and then turned out to be an excellent organic fertilizer for your beds. To the heap should be a convenient passage through the garden.


Dug up the soil for beds in autumn after harvestingHarvest. Therefore, it is necessary to think about the location of plantings in the garden for the next year in the summer. Garden crops suck out certain nutrients from the earth. You can not plant the same plants for two consecutive years in one place. When planning beds, consider the predecessors of new plantings. The development of plants depends on what nutrients remain in the soil.


Consider which plants will be located on theNeighboring beds. Your planting can protect themselves from pests, attract insects for pollination, and can fall ill together and act badly on the growth and maturation of each other. Plant plants according to the rules on the nearest beds. Check with the reference literature.

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