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How are the beds in the garden

How to arrange beds in the garden

Proper planning of the garden will allow you to get a good harvest, then the time and effort involved in planting and care, not be in vain.

Your garden will give you not only the vegetables and herbs, but also in a good mood.

You will need

  • Reference books, paper, ruler, pencil and tape measure.



Consider the layout of your garden on paper first, and then on the ground. The beds locate so that they maximallyI got the sunshine. Ideally, when the fruit trees cover the garden from the cold wind from the north. If the old trees shade the beds, and cut down you do not want to, then they cut the upper branches, so that the sun passes through the crown.


The beds place from north to south. If the garden is located downhill, the planting should be carried out across the hill, lest the land went down during the wind and rain.


If you find your garden in the valley, draws high beds. Do not forget about the drainage ditches to remove excess water.


Do just wide and comfortable passages between the beds. You should be able to get by with a trolley in any part of the garden.


Just the place for a compost pile. In it, you'll put the weeds from the garden and other remains that all pereprelo and then got an excellent organic fertilizer for your garden beds. To heap should be comfortable passage through the garden.


Dig the ground for beds in the fall after harvestharvest. Therefore, the location of the planting in the garden next year you need to think about the summer. Vegetable crops suck out of the ground certain nutrients. You can not plant the same plant for two consecutive years in the same place. When planning your flower beds, consider the precursors of new plantings. The development of plants depends on what nutrients remain in the soil.


Consider what plants will be placed onneighboring beds. Your landing can do to protect themselves from pests, attract insects for pollination, and are sick with bad acting on the growth and maturation of each other. Plant the plants according to the rules in the nearby beds. Is compared to the reference books.

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