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How do pensioners live?


How do pensioners live?</a>

The retirement age in Russia comes in 55 for women and 60 for men.

After this date, social payments begin from the state, and a person may not work.

At the same time, he has the opportunity to spend his time in any accessible way, but in Russia the employment options for elderly citizens are slightly limited.



Many pensioners in Russia work part-time. This is due to two things: the pension is not too high and money is scarce, and the lack of leisure for the elderly, the need to do something, feel in demand. Someone stays in their position and simply refuses to immediately go on a well-deserved rest, someone is looking for work-outs. There are a lot of pensioners in the sphere of trade, cleaning of premises, protection.


Average pension in 2013 in RussiaAmounted to about 9,000 rubles. The minimum amount is 5600 rubles. Today, all people over 60 receive this benefit, but the pension reform is carried out in such a way that in twenty years the payments will be only to those who have worked a certain minimum of years for the benefit of the state.


A pensioner spends his money usually on differentAre needed. But there are 3 things that take the maximum: HCS (from 15 to 30% of the pension), food and medicine. Most people of old age in our country can not afford travel and entertainment. This is connected with money and health, because the person is older, the more diseases he has.


In Russia, there is very little entertainment for retired people. There are almost no clubs for interests, gathering places. Every person tries to organize their own leisure. Sometimes retirees gather in groups and spend time, often they can be found on benches at entrances, in parks after chess or conversations.


A lot of attention is paid by pensionersTV. It's no secret that many serials are designed specifically for advanced age. They are especially numerous during the day hours through various channels. Empathy with other people's lives is a frequent entertainment in old age.


Today in Russia there are old people's homes. These are institutions where many pensioners live. You can not call all of these places comfortable and cozy, but there often get people who need medical care. Regular meals, communication and all procedures are performed on schedule.

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