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The retirement age comes in 55 for women and 60 years for men in Russia.

After that date, starting from the state social benefits, and a person can not work.

At the same time he has the opportunity to spend their time in any way possible, but in Russia the elderly employment options are a bit limited.



Many retirees work part time in Russia. This is due to two things: the pension is not too high and not enough money, and lack of leisure for the elderly, the need to do something, to feel popular. Someone is at his office and simply refuses to leave immediately for a deserved rest, someone is looking for second jobs. Pensioners are many trade, cleaning, protection.


The average pension in 2013 in RussiaIt was about 9000 rubles. Minimum same amount - 5600 rubles. Today all people older than 60 receive this benefit, but the pension reform carried out in such a way that after twenty years, payments will be only those who worked for some years at least for the benefit of the state.


Pensioner spends money usually differentneeded. But there are three things that take a maximum of: Housing (15 to 30% of the pension), food and medicines. The majority of elderly people in our country can not afford to travel and entertainment. This is connected with money and health, because the older people, the more diseases he observed.


In Russia, very little entertainment for seniors. Almost there are no clubs, gathering places. Each person is trying to organize their leisure time. Sometimes seniors gather in groups and spend their time, they can often be found on the benches at the entrances, in the parks playing chess or talking.


A lot of attention paid pensionerstelevision. It is no secret that many series are designed specifically to old age. They are especially numerous in the afternoon through various channels. Empathy other people's lives - it is part of the fun in old age.


Today in Russia there are nursing homes. This institution where many pensioners live. It is impossible to name all of these places are comfortable and cozy, but there often get people who need medical care. Regular meals, socializing, and all procedures are performed on schedule.

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