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How are Japanese

How are Japanese

The mysterious Far Eastern country has always been a mystery to outsiders. Japan with its distinctive culture has survived the economic recovery and a lot of natural disasters.

All this is reflected in the life of modern Japanese.



The hierarchy in the family

For centuries, Japan has become a tradition, so that oldermembers of the genus in great respect. This ratio is now preserved. With older always speak respectfully, and after death often hang their portraits in a prominent position to sense the presence and protection of the ancestors.



In Japan work at one place alla life. And in this area is maintained continuity and respect for older family members. If the father worked in a particular corporation, it is a great honor for my son to work in the same company. And, of course, it is a shame, or at least unwelcome fact - changing jobs.

They work a lot of Japanese and quality. They arrive early, leave later than the end of the work. I consider it my duty to complete everything to the end, and if everything is already set up, so to express my respects to the company. An unusual feature is the process of detente - beating chief doll. Wishing evil leadership is not accepted, but it is necessary to throw out their displeasure on the doll.



Japanese housing rarely abounds greatamount of furniture. Bed spread out the Japanese themselves, as a rule, on the floor. Dine often sitting on cushions at a low table. But the Japanese housing is equipped with all kinds of appliances. Satellite TV, vacuum cleaner robots, air conditioning, automated housing system maintenance - are all present in the lives of most Japanese.


Healthy lifestyle

The Japanese on average live longer than almost allother nations. And there is a reasonable explanation. Moderate healthy nutrition, exercise active activities contribute to longevity. Eat Japanese not only rolls. However, vegetable oils and animal seafood make up a large part of their diet.

Among other sports biggest Japaneserevered martial arts and gymnastics. Although football among the younger generation also enjoys a certain popularity. Production gymnastics is an essential feature of many working Japanese.

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