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HOW are glycerin suppositories

How do glycerin suppositories

Glycerin suppositories are one of the safest drugs to combat constipation in adults and children (including newborns) worldwide.

They are able to cope with the task quickly and efficiently.

What is the principle of action glycerin suppositories?



The main property lies in glycerolability to deliver on the mucous membrane of the rectum local irritant effect. It stimulates the intestinal peristalsis, causing his natural movements. Furthermore, the components included in the suppository, are highly hygroscopic. They attract the liquid softening stool and significantly facilitating the process of defecation.


Typically, candle start glycerolact fairly quickly, within 15-20 minutes after administration. It should be remembered that the continuous use of the drug is undesirable. Regular bowel irritation receptors can provoke their loss of sensation, then the problem will only grow worse constipation.


Glycerin suppositories are contraindicated in acutestage of hemorrhoids, fissures in the anus, inflammation and tumors in the rectum. With great care, this drug is used in the first and last trimester of pregnancy because glycerin helps to relax the smooth muscles of the uterus, which is next to the intestines. It can cause miscarriage or premature birth. Consultation specialist.

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