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How are fractions

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Fraction called the number, consisting of one or more parts of the unit.

There are 2 recording format of fractions: ordinary (the ratio of two integers, they are called the numerator and denominator, for example, 2/3), and decimal, for example 1.4567.

Since the addition of the decimal point is the same as usual, consider the addition of the ordinary.

You will need

  • Basic knowledge in mathematics.



Suppose you there are two fractions: 1/7 and 2/3. Let us find the common denominator of these fractions. It is equal to the product of their denominators, ie 7 * 3 = 21.


Here are the common denominator of the fraction. To do this, multiply the numerator by the denominator of the first fraction of the second, and the second fraction the numerator by the denominator of the first, and the denominators of the two fractions will be equal to 21. We obtain the following: 3/21 and 14/21.


Putting these fractions, which will result in aa fraction with a common denominator. To do this, add the numerators given fractions. In this case the denominator will remain the same. That is, we get: 3/21 + 14/21 = 17/21. 17/21, and will be the result of addition of 1/7 and 2/3.

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