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How are farmers

How are farmers

Farmers Day starts before sunrise. In order to have time to milk and feed the cattle, to feed the birds, clean the yard, they need to wake up early.

In addition, farmers have no output, because the birds and animals require daily care.



Farmer day from spring to late fall paintedby the minute. He needs to get it all - to clean up the chicken coop, barn, calf, pig house, water the garden. So you have to get up very early. In addition, from May to October the cows out to pasture. Shepherd takes them 5-6 hours in the morning. And by this time the farmer has to be on his feet.


In the spring to the care of animals added newcare - plowing and seeding garden. First you need to dig up the ground, packed under a thick layer of snow, then - add fertilizer. For different varieties of fruit trees, shrubs, species of vegetable crops they own. It is important to calculate the amount of fertilizer. They destroy excess tender shoots, which the farmer will be planted.


After plowing and sowing time to start a vegetable gardenits cultivation. We need to pull out the weeds, timely watering the beds, carry out activities aimed at the destruction of pests. Fruit trees and shrubs require thinning, after the winter could appear withered branches that need to be removed.


In summer, all the works of the farmer added yetone task - harvesting. The first strawberries, currants, early apples - all require processing. If the farm does not work for sale, fruits and berries have to freeze, cook from them jam, make jams and juices. All of this takes a lot of time.


Towards the autumn, when ripe vegetables beginstheir canning, salting, pickling. At the same time it comes time to prepare the garden for winter - trimmed bushes of raspberries, the beds are cleared of weeds, fertilizer is introduced if necessary.


Late autumn comes the slaughter of livestock and poultry. The meat is cleaned, chopped, divided by grades and frozen or sold. In winter, the farmers are relatively free - does not need to take care of the garden, no cows, pigs. But in late February, it bought young hens, calves and pigs, which have grown over the next year. And all the worries back again.

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