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How farmers live


How farmers live</a>

Farmer's day begins even before sunrise. To have time to milk and feed cattle, give food to the birds, clean the yard, they need to wake up quite early.

In addition, farmers do not have days off, because animals and birds require daily maintenance.



Farmer's day from spring until late autumnBy the minute. He needs to have time all - to put things in order in the hen house, cowshed, calf, pigsty, watering the garden. Therefore, you have to get up very early. In addition, from May to October, cows are driven out to pasture. Shepherd takes them at 5-6 in the morning. And by this time the farmer should be on his feet.


In the spring, new animals are added to care for animalsCares - plowing and planting a garden. First you need to dig up the ground, caked under a thick layer of snow, then add fertilizer. For different varieties of fruit trees, bushes, types of vegetable crops, they are their own. It is very important to correctly calculate the amount of fertilizer. Their excess will kill the tender sprouts that the farmer will plant.


After plowing and sowing the garden begins timeIts cultivation. We need to pull out weeds, water the beds in time, carry out measures aimed at destroying pests. Fruit trees and bushes require thinning, after the winter, dried branches might appear, which must be removed.


In summer, all the farmer's work is addedOne task is harvesting. The first strawberry, currant, early apples - all this requires recycling. If the farm does not work for sale, fruits and berries have to be frozen, cook jam out of them, make juices and jams. All this takes quite a long time.


Closer to the autumn, when vegetables ripen, beginsTheir canning, pickling, pickling. At the same time, it's time to prepare a vegetable garden for winter - raspberry bushes are cut, beds are cleaned of weeds, fertilizer is applied if necessary.


In the late autumn comes the time of slaughtering cattle and birds. Meat is cleaned, chopped, divided into varieties and frozen or sold. In winter, farmers are relatively free - do not care for the garden, there are no cows, piglets. But already at the end of February, young chickens, calves and pigs are bought, which will have to be grown within the next year. And all the worries again come back.

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