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How are Chinese

How are Chinese

China - the most populous country in the world. China's economy ranked second in importance in the world.

However, the lives of ordinary Chinese do not cause special envy, like the inhabitants of the "golden million," and our compatriots.



The country of contrasts.

How does China in the eyes of ordinary tourist? Undoubtedly, it is a densely populated country with an interesting history and is very complex language. What else can be said about China? This country is poor or rich? Here reign the ideals of communism and the ancient philosophies? After all, this country is multiethnic or monoethnic. In China, a large number of peoples lives - the actual Chinese, Uighurs, Tibetans, Mongolians, Kazakhs and others. As the representatives of all these nations belong to the Mongoloid race, it looks residents look about the same. But the differences are sometimes huge. Tibetans - Buddhists, Uighurs - Muslims, Han (actually Chinese) and different religions. As for the wealth and poverty, China is undoubtedly the country with a strong economy, but the average income of Chinese people are very modest. Although in such cities as Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, life seems fairy-tale, in distant villages of the provincial inhabitants eke out a miserable existence.


A variety of cuisine.

Cockroaches, beetles, worms does not constitutethe foundation of the Chinese diet. In general, the concept of "Chinese food" is quite inaccurate. There are four distinct regional cuisines in the country. And only in southern China is really like locusts, cockroaches and other creepy creatures. In other parts of the country's residents are unlikely to be happy with such exotica. Ordinary Chinese food is not so very different from other peoples food - meat, eggs, vegetables. Perhaps, in addition to rice, which is a significant part of the diet of people in China. Eat Chinese noisy, do not hesitate to litter and to publish obscene noises while eating.


Chinese family.

More than one child to make in China problem. This is due to local laws. Therefore, families with children - a rarity for modern China. With the ability to learn the sex of the baby before birth, committed a large number of abortions. Not all Chinese families want to have a single daughter. They prefer boys for pragmatic reasons. And the elderly parents of the men easier to care for and pray for the dead ancestors may only representatives of the stronger sex. If it's a girl who's going to pray for the welfare of departed ancestors in the afterlife? Such strange superstitions have considerable weight in China nowadays.

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