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How the Chinese live


How the Chinese live</a>

China is the most populous country in the world. The economy of China is the second most important in the world.

Nevertheless, the life of ordinary Chinese does not cause particular envy, both among the inhabitants of the "golden million", and among our compatriots.



Country of contrasts.

What does China look like in the eyes of a simple tourist? Undoubtedly, it is a densely populated country with an interesting history and a very complex language. What else can be unequivocally said about China? Is the country poor or rich? Are the ideals of communism or ancient philosophical teachings reigning here? In the end, this country is mono-national or multinational. In China, lives a large number of peoples - actually the Chinese, Uighurs, Tibetans, Mongols, Kazakhs and many others. Since the representatives of all these nationalities belong to the Mongoloid race, then the inhabitants look roughly the same. But the differences are sometimes enormous. Tibetans are Buddhists, Uighurs are Muslims, Han Chinese (actually Chinese) also profess different religions. As for wealth and poverty, China is undoubtedly a country with a strong economy, but the average income of the Chinese is very modest. Although in such metropolitan areas as Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, life seems fabulous, in remote provincial villages, inhabitants live a miserable existence.


Variety of cuisine.

Cockroaches, beetles, worms by no means constituteThe basis of Chinese ration. In general, the concept of "Chinese cuisine" is rather inaccurate. There are four independent regional cuisines in the country. And, only in southern China they really love locusts, cockroaches and other creeping things. In other parts of the country, residents are unlikely to be delighted with such exoticism. The usual Chinese food is not so different from the food of other peoples - meat, eggs, vegetables. Perhaps, in addition to rice, which is a significant part of the diet of Chinese residents. The Chinese eat noisily, do not hesitate to litter and make obscene sounds while eating.


Chinese family.

More than one child in China is problematic. This is due to local laws. Therefore, large families are a rarity for modern China. Due to the opportunity to know the sex of the child before delivery, a large number of abortions are performed. Not all Chinese families want a single daughter. They prefer boys for pragmatic reasons. And the elderly parents of men are easier to care for and pray for the deceased ancestors are entitled only to the stronger sex. If a girl is born, who will pray for the well-being of the departed ancestors in the afterlife? Such strange superstitions have considerable weight in China these days.

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