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How the blind live


How the blind live</a>

When you accidentally meet a person walking with a dog on his face, who has black glasses, a cane in his hand and talking watches in his pocket, you involuntarily think about his life.

How does existence with disabilities differ from the ordinary life of most people?



In their home, blind people are veryeasily. All items in the dwelling should not change their place of position, and then everything will be fine. For a few days a person learns to navigate very easily and quickly. Sliding interior and furniture doors protect against injuries, and carpet tracks indicate the direction of movement. TV, radio, mechanical clock and landline phones help you navigate in space.


Visually impaired people find it difficult to find work. The organization of their workplace requires special expensive equipment, so the financial side of their lives is almost entirely dependent on social security.


The majority of the visually impaired do not have their ownfamilies. It has been proved by medicine that blind parents can have sighted children, but it is difficult to imagine how they can solve the problems and problems that they face in the process of upbringing and caring for their child.


If a person is blind from birth, then other organsFeelings in his body try to compensate for the work of the eyes. The blind themselves believe that their sensations possess extrasensory qualities, and they see with their heart. And it is difficult to doubt this, looking at photographs and pictures performed by blind people, or listening to the sound of their voice in the song.


Today, the problem has been increasingly raisedSocialization of disabled people. At the state level, laws are enacted that oblige the authorities of all settlements to organize appropriate conditions for a normal life. For trips to the store, a pharmacy, a so-called barrier-free environment is created, ramps are built and signal lights are installed. The All-Russian Society of the Blind renders psychological, cultural and professional rehabilitation. Provides a need for interpersonal communication and books.

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