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How are blind

How are blind

When by chance you meet a person walking with a dog on the face, whose dark glasses, a cane in his hand and speaking clock in your pocket, I could not help think about his life.

As far as the existence of the disabled differs from the ordinary life of most people?



In his home blind people orient themselves veryeasily. All items found in the home, do not have to change the place of his position, and then everything will be fine. For a few days people learn to navigate very easily and quickly. Sliding interior doors and furniture doors to protect against injuries and carpets indicate the direction of motion. TV, radio, mechanical watch and landlines help orient themselves in space.


Blind people find it difficult to find a job. Organization of the workplace require special expensive equipment, so the financial side of their lives almost entirely dependent on welfare.


The majority of the visually impaired is not their ownfamilies. Medicine proved that blind parents may well have sighted children, but it is difficult to imagine how they will be able to solve the problems and challenges that face in the upbringing and care of their child.


If a man blind from birth, the other organsfeelings in his body trying to compensate for the eye operation. They blind themselves believe that their feelings have psychic qualities, and they see the heart. It is difficult to doubt, looking at pictures and paintings made by blind people, or listening to the sound of their voices in song.


Today, more and more began to rise a problemsocialization of people with disabilities. At the state level adopted laws requiring power all localities to organize the necessary conditions for a normal life. For trips to the store, a pharmacy, a job created by the so-called barrier-free environment, ramps are built and installed signal lights. The All-Russian Association of the Blind has a psychological, cultural and vocational rehabilitation. It provides a need for interpersonal communication and books.

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