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How are Americans

As Americans live

USA today determine the economic, political and cultural life throughout the world.

Ethnically, the American people are very diverse.

Are not the same and the lives of American families.

However, there are concepts that are common to a significant proportion of the state's population.



Political Views

Perhaps few places are so fanatically toown and others' ideological affiliation. Politics plays a significant role in the lives of ordinary Americans. It comes to this absurdity, because of political differences people can not communicate with each other. Democrat or Republican you - this is very important. America - a country of free choice, and the choice of its use here are very fond of.


Sport and health problems

It would seem that it is absolutely incompatible things,however, it is recognized that in the US sport is very popular, with a significant proportion of the population suffers from a variety of health problems. And because sport is not just like to watch, they are engaged. In schools, colleges and universities play in American football, baseball, basketball, hockey. Young people involved in swimming, athletics, boxing, bodybuilding. However, the passion of Americans to fast food leads to digestive problems and obesity, and the constant stress at work - to nervous disorders.


Early independent life

For young Americans considered the norm with youngyears to live separately from their parents. After high school, young people often go to another state to obtain an education there. Most young Americans refuse and financial assistance from their parents. Work in your spare time, often live beyond their means - on credit. Incidentally, this feature is not only the young American population, loans - an integral part of US life.


Homeland popular culture

A large part of the world's well-known films,music albums and a best-selling print is produced in the United States. Americans are accustomed to is in the "center of the world", so a large proportion of the inhabitants of the New World was surprised to perceive the fact that somewhere there is a different culture in addition to the states. Foreign languages ​​teaching Americans do not like most of them, considering it a waste of time. Not every intellectual in the United States is an expert in the foreign culture.

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