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How to ask for forgiveness of the girl

Wait until she cools down, and only if it is found out than it hurt you

Quarrels arise at all. Where there is no showdown, no drive.

But if you are in the process of quarrel hurt the girl, then you need to apologize to her, or she may think that you are indifferent to it.



Before asking for forgiveness, try to understand,that it hurt her. If you managed to get her to talk, it is already half the battle. Under no circumstances should you exert pressure on it, do not use harsh words. Find out what you have done this. Worse, if a girl does not want to explain anything and generally talk to you.


If the girl did not say a word, and each your replica is hysterical, it is trying to leave? talk is useless. Wait until a wave of emotions do not subside.


When you have identified the cause, then it is possible andthink about how to ask for forgiveness. Causes grievances may be adequate and inadequate. In the analysis, note that you are with her on the same thing can look different. Do not judge with his bell.


When you realize what you have done wrong, goApologize. Whatever the reason, it is necessary to act firmly without lisping and not limp as can give a girl an excuse to take advantage of the weakness of your time.


If you've done something really serious,first talk to her and explain why it did so. To quarrel was resolved, it is necessary that each of you understand the position of the other. So you can quickly find a compromise.


If you still are not right, then here are some ways to make amends:
- Write it under the windows that you love her. Let others say that it's corny, but she will be pleased, because this has never been done for her.
- Do something that had never been done before. It can be a dinner, prepared by hand or massage, which increases your girl.
- Give flowers. This is a universal way to apologize. Even if she frown, you know? she was pleased.

- Give her myself for the day or evening. Especially well it works, if it is to know what you was worth giving up the campaign for the match of your favorite team.

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