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How and with what materials should insulate the attic

Well insulated attic, you can achieve the best heat preservation throughout the house

Warming of the attic - a particularly important process.

After going through the roof space the greatest loss of heat throughout the house.

As is known, the warmer air rises above that is heated less.

So well insulated attic, you can achieve the best heat preservation throughout the house.

You will need

  • Insulation boards, knife, vapor barrier film, stapler, tape, pieces of wood, screws, nails, a hammer.



For starters purchase all the necessary materials,attic insulation to the process was non-stop. Then pick the plastic packaging and unpack insulating panels. Cut them according to required dimensions. The width of the plates should be slightly greater than the distance between the axes of the rafters.
Start to install the plate between the axes of the rafters. It is necessary that the plate was slightly vraspor. It is quite elastic, so if the plate properly cut, that will rise sufficiently tightly. Maintain the installation of insulation boards should be from the bottom up. When one layer is laid, it is best to put a second. It must be installed in such a way that the seams between the plates of the first layer of lumpy closing plates of the second layer.
After installation it is necessary to again carefullycheck for cracks. After all, if they leave, it can lead to freezing of the attic. If there are gaps, it is necessary to cut the insulation boards of the remaining necessary parts and close the gap with them.


Now we need to mount a vapor barrier. It is necessary to cut the desired size of the film pieces and attach them to the rafters by means of staples. Impose a vapor barrier should be with overlap of 10 cm. The pieces to be glued shut. It is best to use a vapor barrier attic foil insulation film. They do not just do not let steam inside the building, but also reflect the flow of radiant heat back into the attic.


After plating the attic vapor barrierfilm is necessary to fix the insulating layer. For this to be nailed to the joists horizontal bars. Step should be 50 cm. The bars are more tightly lock the insulating layer, as well as help to create an air gap between vapor barrier and interior trim. It is necessary to remove moisture from the film surface. Once the bars have been installed, it can be attached to any selected trim. Your attic is warm and beautiful.

How to insulate an attic

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