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How and for what use sea sponges


How and for what use sea sponges </a>

The existence of sea sponges mankind learned back in ancient times.

Since then, people have been actively using them in their daily life.

Now marine sponges are very relevant and in good demand.

What are sea sponges

Sea sponges are living primitive organisms. They live in the seas, immovably attached to the bottom or underwater rocks. Sea sponges are of different shapes, their body has a porous structure.
They feed sponges with small organisms, and reproduce more often by budding, although sexual reproduction is possible (most of them sponges are hermaphrodites).
They spend their entire life without activeMovements, firmly attached to the seabed. Sponges can be small, only a few centimeters, and can grow in the form of unusual sea trees, reaching about one meter in height.
Sea sponges live in colonies and areFiltrate. Thanks to the porous structure of the body, they pump through water and absorb microorganisms. For a day sponges can pump volumes of water several thousand times larger than its own size.
The life span of marine sponges depends on their variety. In total there are about 5000 species of these primitive organisms.

Application of sea sponges

The widest application of sea sponges foundIn cosmetology. With their help, it's easy to remove make-up, they gently cleanse the skin without hurting it. Another sponge is very convenient for applying and removing natural cosmetic masks. Natural sponges are good for massage, as they tones facial muscles. In addition, they do not cause allergies and have antibacterial action.
In addition to cosmetic procedures, marine sponges are used for hygiene purposes as a washcloth for washing the body.
Natural sea sponges are suitable for bathing babies. They are so soft that they do not damage the tender infant skin.
After use, the natural sponge should be washed with soap and let it dry. Do not dry sea sponges on the battery and in direct sunlight.
Also sponges are used in jewelry and optical production, in the printing industry as a material for grinding surfaces and a filter for oils.
Discovered in the body of sea sponges, the substance of psammapline is used in studies aimed at combating various diseases, including malaria and cancer.
Dermatologists recommend the use of high-qualitySea sponge from six months to a year, then you need to replace it with a new one. Tens of thousands of tons of sponges are produced every year, and there are artificial marine plantations for growing sponges.

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