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How and why do vinyl discs


Old-good vinyl</a>

Vinyl is gaining popularity today, crowding compact discs and other digital media of audio material. A vinyl disc is a record, or, in other words, a disc for recording sounds of voice and music.

This is one type of analog media.

Before the advent of vinyl discs converted intoSound tracks of different depths, the voice was recorded on a wax roller (Edison roll) with a metal needle, but this technology was of course short-lived, and reproducing devices-phonographs-distorted the sound, and in time it was only possible to guess what the record reproduced.

In 1895, Emil Berliner recorded the sound not onRoller, and on the gramophone plate, made of zinc and covered with the same wax, it is from this moment you can start counting down to the birth of a vinyl disc.

It should be noted that the cause of the vinylDisk were not research on improving wax plates, and research is in the field of improving reproductive devices. With the advent of phonographs that could drive the disc at high speed, the wax was replaced by a vinyl - resistant material that was only slightly warmed and hardly deformed from the gramophone needle. Vinyl did not require a basis, and therefore half a kilogram wax plates quickly replaced thin black disks of different diameters, which in a circle were covered with sound tracks - furrows of different depths. The needle of the gramophone, "diving" deep into the path and converting the signal, gave a sound output by means of the auditory tubes.

Unlike its predecessors, a vinyl disc couldBe two-sided, the recording was made from a magnetic phonogram on a thin layer of copper, which was applied to a steel substrate. Such a method made it possible to copy and replicate the once-made record, since the nickel matrix was made from the base by the electroforming method.

In fact, it is the matrix that is considered to be the original, withWhich made vinyl copies of copies. Then, using a mold, the matrix is ​​applied, and after drying, the future vinyl disc is removed from it.

Each of the sides is done separately, but in the mold under the influence of high temperature and pressure they are welded to a single disk.

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