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Good old vinyl

Vinyl is now gaining popularity, crowding CDs and other digital media audio. Vinyl disc - a shellac, or in other words, the disc for recording voice and music sounds.

This is a type of analog storage media.

Before the advent of vinyl discs converted toaudio tracks of different depths voice recorded on wax cylinders (Edison roller) using a metal needle, but the technology is, of course, was short-lived, to the same playback devices - phonographs - heavily distorted sound, and eventually could only guess that for the record reproduced.

In 1895, Emile Berliner recorded sound is notroller, and a gramophone, made of zinc and coated with wax all the same, from this moment you can start the countdown to the vinyl disc birth.

It should be noted that the reason for the appearance of vinylsteel disc is not research to improve the wax plates, and research is in the field of improvement of playback devices. With the advent of gramophones, which could turn the disc at high speed, the wax was replaced by vinyl - resistant material, which is only slightly heated and almost deformed by a gramophone needle. Vinyl does not require foundations, but because polukilogrammovye wax plates quickly replaced with thin black discs of different diameters, which were covered with circular tracks - grooves of different depths. Gramophone needle, "ducking" inland track and converting the signal, gave the sound output with the help of auditory tube.

Unlike his predecessors vinyl disc couldbe two-way, the recording was made with magnetic tracks on a thin layer of copper, which was applied to a steel substrate. This method allows you to copy and replicate once made a record, because to do the basics nickel matrix by electroforming.

In fact, it is considered to be the original matrix, withwhich make vinyl limited edition copies. Next, using molds on the matrix is ​​applied, and after drying it with the future and remove the vinyl disc.

Each of the parties is done individually, but in the mold under high temperature and pressure they are welded into a single disk.

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