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How and where to apply perfume correctly

How and where to properly apply perfume

If you observe a few simple rules for applying toilet water or perfume, their flavor will last longer.



To smell of perfume was not very concentrated and sharp, you must use the perfume for a few drops.


Use scented water on a clean and wet body immediately after a shower, then the fragrance will last long.


Do not mix different perfumes on the body. Scents shampoo, deodorant or other cosmetic with spirits and can not be combined to produce a negative effect.


Apply a drop of perfume on the area where closely spaced veins. In these places the skin is the most warm - temples, wrists, elbow bends, the carotid artery.


On clothes aroma of eau de toilette or perfumeIt lasts a long time. It is best to smell keeps jersey, wool and fur. But do not forget that perfume is able to leave a stain on the fabric, and sometimes discolor it. It is better to apply perfume on the inside of the garment.


Do not use the same flavor over a month, as it may annoy and disgust. Very often the flavor that you like in the winter, in the warm weather may seem distasteful.

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