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How and where to apply perfume correctly


How and where to apply perfume correctly</a>

If you follow a few simple rules for applying toilet water or perfume, then their fragrance will last longer.



To smell the perfume was not very concentrated and sharp, you need a few drops to use perfume.


Use toilet water only on a clean and damp body immediately after the shower, then the fragrance will last a long time.


Do not mix different perfume compositions on the body. Smells of shampoo, deodorant or other cosmetics with perfumes can not combine and produce a negative effect.


Apply a drop of perfume to the areas where the veins are close. In these places, the skin is warmest - whiskey, wrist, elbow folds, carotid artery.


On clothes fragrance of scented water or spiritsKeeps for a long time. Best of all, the smell retains the knitwear, wool and fur. But do not forget that perfume is able to leave stains on the fabric, and sometimes discolor it. Therefore, it is better to apply perfume on the inside of clothing.


Do not use the same fragrance for more than a month, as it can get bored and disgust. Very often, the aroma that you liked in the winter, in warm weather, may seem unpleasant.

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