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How and when invented the wheel

How and when invented the wheel

There are several versions of when, where and by whom was invented by bicycle.

At the moment, several theories have faileddeny, however, the situation is still complicated by the fact that this vehicle was developed in several stages, each of which occupies a new inventor.

Who and when has created the first bicycle

A kind of bike in 1817 invented Carlvon Dresen, professor from Germany. The device, which he created, was a pair of wheels connected to the board and supplemented with the wheel. The essence of the product was simple: a person sat on it and moved the legs, pushing off from the ground, while the "wheel" rolling forward. This device works on the principle is actually more like a scooter than a normal modern bicycle.
In the invention Dresen had several names. He called himself the creator of his "machine for walking," but the people entrenched another option - "trolley". Especially original English were in this respect: they chose the name "Dandy Horse".
In 1839, a Scottish blacksmith KirkpatrickMcMillan decided to refine the invention of Carl von Dresen and coped with the task brilliantly. His bike was added to the seat and the pedals, with which you can turn the rear wheel. The front is attached to the steering wheel and can be rotated to the side to change direction. However, oddly enough, Macmillan's work is not appreciated by his contemporaries, and forgot about it soon, leaving information about the invention in some encyclopedias.
It was an unfortunate accident that preventedMacmillan to make your product known worldwide, has led to the fact that in 1963 the bicycle was invented again. Pierre Lalman also guessed supplement "machine for walking" pedals and seat, thus creating a device that is very similar to the design on a modern bike. It Lalmana now called the official inventor of the vehicle.

Additional theories about the invention of the bicycle

Widespread version, according to whichbicycle was invented by Leonardo da Vinci. There are several drawings, supposedly created by a great artist, and even the prototype of the modern bicycle, invented them. However, many scientists believe that the schemes and drawings of da Vinci's bicycle - really just a fake. There is even an opinion that the vehicle is not invented by Leonardo himself, and his pupil Giacomo Kaprotti, but this theory has less followers.
Dispel another legend that first bikeHe created a Russian peasant Artamonov, who lived not far from Nizhny Tagil. Proponents of this version claimed that the scheme of the invention, as it is itself, kept in the museum of the city, but was unable to confirm the facts really are.

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