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AS and the feed plant

How and what to eat plants

Unlike animals, which is necessary for the life of the energy contained in organic compounds, the plants get their food from inorganic elements.

Plants synthesize independently of these elements organic compounds, which are used for their livelihoods.



The root system of plants isa plurality of branching roots, so it is very large absorbent surface that allows the plant to most effectively absorb moisture from the soil. The plant needed to supply not only water but also various inorganic substances which are dissolved in the soil moisture. The roots and stems of the plants are permeated by capillaries through which water with dissolved substances enters the leaves of the plant.


The water rises up through the capillaries duephenomenon known as osmosis. Osmosis occurs because the surface of the root cells are semipermeable membrane - the water passes through it freely, and potassium ions, which are saturated plant juice - no. Water tends to equalize the concentration of potassium ions and penetrates into the plant root when the capillaries are filled, the water begins to flow upward through the plant, and eventually reaches the leaves.


Green leaves absorb carbon from the atmospheregas, also necessary for plant nutrition. As a result, the leaves are found carbon dioxide, water and various inorganic substances and sunlight chloroplasts in green leaf photosynthesis occurs. Thanks to him, the plant produce pure oxygen that is released into the atmosphere, and synthesize organic substances that passeth through the capillaries in the different parts of the plant, where they are used for development and growth.


Not all plants receive nutrientsthus, for example, cacti hardly absorb moisture from the soil, they absorb it from the air. Also, there are plants that do not absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, they soak it with moisture. There are plants and predators, they catch insects and degrade them in special bags of digestive, and then obtain a compound feed.

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