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HOW ancient people hunted fire

As early humans hunted fire

Modern archaeologists found a lotevidence that early people used fire for cooking, heating or lighting. Fire they were afraid and tried to approach the burning dry grass or trees.

They knew that he brings death and destruction, and tame the wild natural phenomenon could not.



Who and how was the first to use fire to dateIt remains a mystery, but most likely it was an accident. At some point, the ancients noticed that after forest fires are hot logs, which provide heat and the meat of dead animals, it is delicious. There is another option: during a severe thunderstorm lightning could strike the dry tree and ignite it. Undoubtedly, pervoprohodchik who challenged his fear was a true daredevil. Due to the natural curiosity, wit and courage that primitive man and presented to his family or his tribe such a miracle, like a fire.


Produced during a lightning storm or fire the fire peoplecarefully guarded and cared about him to trust only the most responsible members of their community. Sometimes, however, the fire was quenched, and all the tribe remained without heat and light. there is an urgent need to make fire with no hope for the next storm or a fire in a primitive society. Get his men could only empirically in antiquity. It is not known how many methods they have tried, but archaeological finds show that the objectives achieved only a few of them.


Scraping - the most simple, but time-consumingmethod of making fire. Its essence was to drive along a dry stick wooden plank. Click on a stick to force people tried to get corruption plank, then to pour the dry grass and leaves, and thus get fired. Scientists have named this device fired plow.


Other ancient tool - fire saw. The main difference from the "plow" was that the stick man is not driven along the plank, and across it. Thus it is scraping smoldering wood chips. Soon, however, people have found a quick and easy way of making fire - drilling. In a log or a large sliver bore holes in which to insert the stick-drill. As a result of vigorous rubbing a stick between the palms of the hands, from under it began to trickle smoke. This meant that the wood powder began to smolder.


Later one of the most common andeffective ways of making fire - carving sparks with flint. Silicon at the time served as an ordinary stone, which strongly hit by a piece of iron ore. Carving a spark made inclined so that the resulting sparks fell on the leaves or dry grass. The fire flared up in this way is much faster.

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