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HOW ancient people hunted

As early humans hunted

The complexity of the study of the culture and life of ancient people is the fact that in this period of history has not been written, and, accordingly, to the present day have not reached contemporaries.

However historians can reconstruct the economic activity of ancient people, including hunting, with the help of archaeological finds.



During the early history of mankind - inPaleolithic and Mesolithic - the main economic activities were hunting and gathering. Hunting allowed not only to produce meat for food, but also to get the skins, which are made from clothing and housing, as well as bone, served as the basis for some of the tools, and sometimes even the material for kindling. hunting technique varies with the general development of business skills and the increasing complexity of social life.


hunting technique is largely dependent on the type of game. To catch small animals and birds ancient people set traps. Most likely, it was technically simple device, which, however, were quite effective - archaeologists have found many remains of birds from sites of ancient people. When hunting for an average game - medium-sized mammals such as gazelles - the ancient people used spears and will be closer to the middle Paleolithic bow and arrows. Keep in mind that at that time the effectiveness of these tools was limited to the specifics of materials. Stone Age people did not know how to handle metals - tips made of small stones or bones, which reduced the force of impact of spears and arrows.


On large animals - mammoths, elephants - the ancientpeople hunted collectively. These findings, researchers have learned from the rich rock art, with detailed scenes of hunting, as well as from observations of modern tribes, in part to keep the old traditions. It is because of the Paleolithic people lived hunting groups - the capture of a large animal food gave them a short while, it was not guaranteed with small game. hunting method depended on the terrain and the traditions of a particular tribe. Sometimes I hunted simply by persecution: a group of primitive people, armed with spears and chasing animals to exhaustion of the latter, and then cracked down on prey. The easiest way to watch for animal watering. In mountainous terrain the animal could fit to the edge and make him fall. Also, more advanced tribes eventually learned how to build a trap big game. One example of such traps can be called a deep hole, veiled by the foliage and branches, which could lure or drive the animal.

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