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HOW cheer guests at the anniversary

How to cheer guests at the anniversary

The anniversary is celebrated in our country usually widely. Removed hall, invited a bunch of guests, bought food and drink, sing songs, tell stories and funny stories from the past.

But if the guests do not have common topics of conversation, often have to dig in its heels to cheer them.



Come up with various contests and games. Choose between the active, outdoor games (in which case you will need and the corresponding room) and intellectual (those where the power in the head, not in the hands and in the feet), guided by the preferences of guests. After all, surely they - or your relatives or friends, or colleagues, that is, those people you know very well. You probably know that they love the most. It's your anniversary, but take into account the tastes of the audience it is necessary.


Invite musicians and from time to timeleave your friends alone so they can have some fun as they want, or relax on the merriment. Give them quietly come to you and give the gift. Let the dance, if they so wish. In this case, you need to include more or relaxing music, or enjoy a work invited musicians. Alternate fun, fiery music and melodies for slow dancing. No need to force people to have fun.


Act out a scene, or even a little smallplay, which tells of the hero of the day life. Now without any difficulty, you can remove or mount a small movie about the adventures of the birthday, you can show it to old photos. You can transfer the story of his life even for the same "Odyssey" by Homer - there is no limit to imagination. Do your best to every moment something will happen (except for the "rest" minutes). You can even invite your chef and ask him to make something sort of in front of the guests.


Include holiday program somesurprise. Surprises like adults and children. It is best to put this kind of chip is closer to the end of the holiday - the rooms, which are closer to the end of the holiday and have got a bit tired enliven guests are remembered for a long time and usually leave a favorable impression. Therefore, and with a choice of the rooms need to be very careful. If the celebrant of a good sense of humor and his jokes always work out, you can ask him anything, "soak". In this case, the end of the festival the guests' attention to focus exactly on the hero of the day and this is the last impression, and guests go home.

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