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HOW alter cloak jacket

How to alter a jacket coat

If the coat is still in good condition, but became unfashionable or worn below or just want to update this thing, you can try to alter.

For example, turn to coat.

How to do it at home?

You will need

  • Cloak of rework, the chalk, the new material on the pad, scissors, locking, riveting, additional accessories for jewelry, glycerin, sewing machine.



At the moment you have a hand or an old leatheroutdated with an eye on fashion cloak. Why is an example taken from the coat of skin, because it is the most difficult material to work to redraw. With other types of raincoat fabrics you are perfectly right if overpower leather.


Cut with scissors cloak thigh area,pre-cut drawing a chalk line. Change the clasp on it. If there was supatnaya clasp, then it is better to change the castle. You can make large buttons, covered with leather. But it will have to neaten additional loops in front of buttons.


Sew sleeve locks in for decoration leather products. Stitch on the machine front and side seams in relief. Rivet, metal rivet on the jacket.


Make a pattern for the material of the jacket forlining. It is better if it is insulated, quilted, while in the jacket will be warm in spring and autumn. Sew the ready lining on the machine to the jacket. Bottom prostrochite, tucked in the lining of the skin. If the old belt from a raincoat worn out, and model his jacket requires sew from scrap leather belt.


Lubricate ready glycerin coat for shine andsoften the skin. You can paint it with paint, suitable for leather goods, if the fabric is too shabby. The end result is you get a leather product is vintage style.


Of the remaining trimmed the skin, you can doas decorations for the jacket, for example, fringe, which should adorn the bottom of the article or pockets on it. If pockets of the jacket there, but you would like to have them here, you can make them from skin residues. Alternatively scenery jacket - faux fur sewing it. The fur may cover the place of the jacket, which have worn out - the collar, cuffs, sleeves.

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