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How alcohol acts on the pancreas


How alcohol acts on the pancreas</a>

Alcohol affects the entire human body. If you abuse alcoholic beverages, the person is irreparably damaged.

One of the organs most affected by frequent alcohol intake is the pancreas, which is unable to produce alcohol splitting.

Harm to alcohol

Alcoholic drinks suppress productionDigestive enzymes in the pancreas. This body accounts for about 70% of all substances that help to break down food into small particles for its assimilation - with the help of the pancreas, proteins, fats, carbohydrates are broken that are an irreplaceable source of energy for humans. Subsequently, the split substances are absorbed in the intestine.
Alcohol helps block the ductspancreas. Alcoholic drinks begin to be absorbed into the organ, causing clumping of red blood cells of incoming blood, which is very harmful, as it is increasingly difficult to pass through the body. As a result, pancreatic juice remains in the pancreas, gradually dissolving it and causing pancreatitis.

Diagnosis of pancreatic diseases is carried out using ultrasound.

Consequences of pancreatitis

Under the influence of alcohol and exacerbationPancreatitis in humans can develop diabetes, since cells that produce insulin in the right amount for a person die, which leads to a permanent lack of this substance.
Against the background of a fall in the function of the pancreasThere is a decrease in the saturation of the body with the necessary substances, since the body ceases to produce enough gastric juice, and undigested food simply leaves the human body, and not assimilated.

With acute pancreatitis, digestive enzymes enter large amounts into the bloodstream, which is also dangerous for the health and life of the patient.

Stones in the pancreas

Harm caused by alcohol to the pancreas,Manifests itself in a disease such as stones. In the process of illness a person feels frequent aching pain. There are violations of appetite, nausea, vomiting. In some cases, along with vomiting, blood is secreted, which signals damage to the internal organs. Such a condition can gradually lead to a fatal outcome and when such symptoms appear, a surgical operation is carried out to remove the stones.

The main reason for the appearance of pancreatitis is alcoholism.


When there is pain in the pancreas inThe time of alcohol intake should be consulted to a doctor for advice. The doctor will make the necessary treatment program, which will need to be observed until recovery. You will be made a diet in which all harmful products will be eliminated. Pancreatitis is a chronic disease, a complete cure of which is not possible due to damage to the organ. The earlier you consult a doctor for advice, the more likely you are to get the least damage from drinking alcohol.

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