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How alcohol acts on the pancreas

How alcohol acts on the pancreas

Alcohol affects the entire human body. When a person abusing alcohol irreparable damage.

One of the organs most affected by the frequent reception of alcohol is the pancreas unable to produce the splitting of alcoholic beverages.

alcohol Harm

Alcohol suppresses the production ofdigestive enzymes the pancreas. This body has to release of about 70% of all substances that help break down food into smaller particles for its assimilation - with the help of the pancreas breaks down proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which are an indispensable source of energy for humans. Subsequently digested substances absorbed in the intestine.
Alcohol contributes to clogged ductspancreas. Liquor start absorbed into the body, causing clumping of red blood cells entering the blood, which is very harmful because it is harder for the body begins to take place. As a result, the pancreatic juice remains in the pancreas gradually dissolving it and causing pancreatitis.

Diagnosis of diseases of the pancreas is performed using ultrasound.

The effects of pancreatitis

Under the influence of alcohol and exacerbationpancreatitis in human diabetes may develop as dying cells that produce insulin in the desired quantities to humans, which leads to a permanent lack of the substance.
Against the backdrop of the fall of the pancreasthere decreases the saturation of the body substances necessary because the body stops producing a sufficient amount of gastric juice, and undigested food just comes out of the human body, and is not metabolized.

In acute pancreatitis, digestive enzymes fall in larger amounts in the blood, which is also dangerous to the health and life of the patient.

Stones in the pancreas

The harm done by alcohol pancreas,evident in such diseases as stones. In the course of the disease a person feels frequent nagging pain. There are disturbances of appetite, nausea, vomiting. In some cases, together with vomiting distinguished blood that indicates damage to internal organs. Such a condition may gradually lead to death and the appearance of such symptoms is carried out surgery to remove the stones.

The main cause of pancreatitis is alcoholism.


When the pain in the pancreas inthe reception of alcohol should seek medical advice. The doctor will make the appropriate treatment program, which will have to comply until recovery. You will be composed of a diet in which all harmful products will be excluded. Pancreatitis is a chronic disease, from which full recovery is not possible because of the damage caused by the body. The sooner see a doctor for advice, the more likely get minimal damage from alcohol.

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