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HOW advertising affects our brain

How advertising affects our brain

Researchers from the Institute of information and communication for a long time studied the effect of advertising on the Internet on the human condition.

It turned out that it is stored on memory in our brain for about three months.

Modern man spends on the Internet does notless than 3 hours of free time. The brain during this busy time, not only by reading articles and watching photo albums, and fixation of the advertising information. Pop-up banners, animation, flash, and a text message is imprinted on the retina of the eye and the brain come regardless of our desires.

Special attention should be paid to the pop-upwindows - small images automatically activated. Most people prefer not to pay attention to them or just remove them from sight. However, the sudden appearance of bright colors and cause irritation and delayed memory.

Even if you do not notice and do not remember anyinformation, the brain will still keep it. Then, when selecting purchase people usually prefer those goods which have already seen, regardless of whether he remembers it or not.

How to protect your brain from unnecessary overloadinformation? First, control the flow of information coming into your consciousness during the day. Second, put special programs that block any advertising on the Internet. Third, improve the brain's ability to be able to process a larger amount of information.

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