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How the electric shock works


How the electric shock works</a>

Personal security and self-defense methods in modern times are allotted more and more space.

Some are enrolled in the martial arts section, while others prefer to dispense with special devices.

One of them is an electroshock, gaining popularity both among girls and men.

The action of electric shock on a living organism

Electroshock at touching the skin areaProduces an impulse that causes the muscles of a person to contract incredibly quickly, which leads to a cramp. Parallel to this effect, the electric shocker affects the nerve fibers that conduct signals from the brain to the muscles and limbs, which can affect the movement of the person or even cause temporary paralysis. For this effect, it takes three seconds to press the button, and after five to ten minutes the effect is passed.
When using the device, you need to remember the most sensitive points on the human body:
- neck-
- groin area-
- solar plexus-
- head.

The least effect will be defeat in the region of the upper and lower extremities of the attacker.

Permission to use an electric shock

You can buy an electric shocker almost anyAdult citizen. Unlike gas and firearms, this device does not require a license and registration. When you buy a person you just need to have a passport with you. Such a simple procedure increases the demand for this type of weapon for self-defense. Its effect on the body is more powerful than that of a gas can.

Using an electric shaker

The action of the electric shocker applies to allalive organisms. With the help of it you can fight off both from the bully and from the stray dog ​​that attacked you. By the way, in animals the nervous system is more susceptible to the impact of an electric shock.
In addition, in the discharge there is an ejectionNatural gas - ozone, which animals fear. In combination with the sound and noise effect, this causes panic in an aggressive dog and leads to its flight. That is why the effectiveness of this device when protected from animals is quite high.

The use of electric shock is not forOrganism of dangerous consequences and does not lead to a lethal outcome. The action of the shocker is limited by the violation of coordination of movements for a while and neutralization of aggression.

However, it must be remembered that the electric shock, as well asAny other weapon, requires the acquisition of some special skills of self-defense. In particular, it is necessary to know the most vulnerable places for electric shock and be able to apply a shocker to this area for the required time.
Before using the shocker, you need to remember that this is not a means for entertainment. Such a device has an effect on the living organism up to loss of consciousness and denial of limbs, albeit temporarily.

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