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HOW acts Taser

How does a stun gun

Personal safety and self-defense techniques in modern times is given more and more space.

Some are written in the martial arts section, while others prefer to dispense with special devices.

One of them is the Taser, is gaining popularity as the girls, and men.

Action stun a living organism

Taser when touching the area of ​​the skina pulse that causes a person to contract the muscles incredibly fast, which leads to seizures. Parallel to this, the effect of a stun gun affects the nerves conducting signals from the brain to the muscles and limbs, which can affect a person's movement or even cause temporary paralysis. For such effects missing three seconds, pressing the button, and after only five or ten minutes, the effect produced passes.
When using the device must be remembered the most sensitive points on the human body:
- sheya-
- Region paha-
- Solar spletenie-
- Head.

The smallest will have the effect of defeat in the upper and lower limbs forward.

Permission to use the stun gun

Buy a Taser could practically anyadult citizen. Unlike the gas and firearms, this device does not require a license and registration. When you purchase a person only needs to have a passport. This simple procedure increases the demand for this type of gun for self-defense. Its effect on the body is more powerful than that of a gas canister.

Using the Taser

Action stun applies to allalive organisms. With it, you can fight back from both the bully and of stray dogs attacked you. By the way, the animals nervous system is more susceptible to the effects of stun.
Furthermore, when the discharge is releasedNatural gas - ozone, which are afraid of animals. In conjunction with the audio and sound effect is causing panic among the aggressive dog and causes it to escape. That is why the effectiveness of this device in the protection of animals is sufficiently high.

Using the Taser does not bear forthe body's harmful effects and does not lead to death. Action shocker limited infringement of coordination of movements for some time and neutralization of aggression.

However, we must remember that the Taser asany other weapon, requires the acquisition of some special self-defense skills. In particular, it is necessary to know the most vulnerable points for electric shock and be able to make a shocker to this area for the required time.
Before using the shocker is necessary to remember that it is not a means for entertainment. Such an arrangement has an impact on living organisms until he lost consciousness and the failure of limbs, at least temporarily.

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