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HOW acrylic glue to glue wallpaper

How to glue Acrylic glue wallpaper

Cheap, but quite strong and aesthetic, acrylic wallpaper attract buyers with its practicality and durability.

Once the goods purchased, the question arises of wallpapering.

Glue for acrylic wallpaper

Acrylic wallpaper can be glued as a universaladhesive and special. If you have chosen for the entire room only acrylic wallpaper, it is best to use a special glue, which takes into account the weight of the material and the desired composition. As a rule, manufacturers of wallpaper write what components should be contained in the adhesive for a better coupling.
Wallpapers of this type do not like moisture, to prevent mold and mildew in the composition of your chosen adhesive should include starch and anti-microbial additives.
Choosing a special wallpaper, the buyer receives a number of advantages:
- Glue easy to breed in water, prevent clumping, prolonged storage in diluted form (over 10 days) -
- Thanks to the sliding layer when applying the wallpaper is good dock and vyravnivayutsya-
- This adhesive is completely visible from oboyami-
- Is an environmentally friendly and safe for human health, as it does not emit harmful SUBSTANCE
- Sufficiently long shelf life (can be stored in the package for more than three years).

Acrylic wallpaper do not like wet areas, and whatever glue is used, keep in the kitchen, in the bathroom or other humid areas will not.


Technology sticking acrylic wallpaper is not much different from the technology to other types of wallpaper.
The first stage - the preparation of the surface. Walls must be cleaned of old paint, plaster, wallpaper. Clean the walls of dust and dirt, and then the surface is degreased. To align the filler used, after the wall is required to cover the primer.
The second stage - the preparation of the adhesive. To calculate the amount of glue to all of the walls is sufficient to examine the package, which is required to indicate the flow.

To dissolve the adhesive, follow the instructions: dry mixture is added gradually and stirring, then the resulting mass will be homogeneous.

The next step - length of cloth wallpaper. To add on the measured length of about 5 centimeters, for a better fit. The cloth is placed on a level hard surface treated with adhesive, in such a condition is necessary to leave the wallpaper for a few minutes to glue a little soaked.
Acrylic wallpaper can be glued by "butt" and "overlapping". Smooth them from the center to the edges. Do not ventilate the room to dry wallpaper, acrylic can not withstand temperature changes.
With the right choice of adhesive and bonding technology subject to wallpaper your walls stand the great test and will be a long time to please the eye.

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