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Houseplants: enemies and friends

Houseplants: enemies and friends

Plants give the apartment comfort and perfectly complement the interior.

However, not everyone knows that in addition to the use of plants can be harmful to health.

Let's try to figure out what kind of plants are our friends, and what - the enemy.

Useful houseplants

Most of the live plants brings greatbenefit humans. Green helps fight depression, and the unique smell acts as a kind of flavor. In addition, plants produce oxygen and moisturize the air, which is very useful in dusty urban apartments.

Scientists have found that the most useful plantChlorophytum is. It perfectly cleanses from formaldehyde, which is released from the synthetic materials. During the day the plant Chlorophytum able to completely clean the living room, and with the addition of activated carbon pots, their beneficial properties increased by several times.

Second in the list - room geranium. Florists are advised to keep the plant in the bedroom. Helpful Links plants act on the human sedative effect, which is useful for insomnia and stress. Similar properties have mint and Chinese Rose.
Bactericidal properties are such plants as laurel, rhoicissus rombolistny and geranium. These plants kill viruses and bacteria, significantly improving indoor air quality.

Green pests

And yet, it is among the living plantsseveral pests that add a spoonful of tar in a barrel of honey. The most common "unprofitable" plants become ficus and violets growing on the windows of every other person. At night time, they become a source of carbon dioxide, so they can not be put in the bedroom and the nursery.

Plants of the family Araceae can causeyour pets swelling of the mouth and throat, as if hit in the eye - the cornea changes and conjunctivitis. The most common of them - Dieffenbachia, Aglaonema, Caladium, Syngonium, philodendron, monstera and Zantedeschia.

It must be remembered that the presence of plants in the housebronhalnuyu can exacerbate asthma, allergic reaction and cause pulmonary disease. Poor soil is an excellent basis for the reproduction of fungi that are getting into the bronchi, they begin to actively proliferate. Therefore, you should monitor the quality of soil and water the plants with special additives.

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