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Houseplants and holiday

Plants and holiday

In a series of working days holiday is a welcome event.

Before leaving for a long time, do not forget about plants, because they require constant watering. This is especially important in summer when moisture is needed more and the soil dries out quickly.

Do not worry if you are not able to give the green inhabitants of relatives or neighbors.

There are several ways to solve this problem.

Before leaving

The room, which contains plants need shade, as long as possible to keep the soil moist. Be sure to water the flowers profusely and remove any yellowed leaves.

Pre-test the selected method of "automatic watering" to verify its reliability, and the right amount of water.

Option 1

Flower pots are put into one biga plastic container that you want to pre-fill the damp moss, peat and expanded clay. The soil in pots moisten well. This method allows you to not worry about the plants 7-9 days.

option 2

For large plants in large containers suitablethe option of using a plastic bottle. Thick needle or awl in the lid to do a few holes, fill the bottle with water and close. Dug in the prepared container in a pot so that the neck has appeared at the bottom. To bottle accidentally fell in your absence, provide her stability.

The method is considered to be very reliable, so you can safely go on vacation without worrying about green pets.

Option 3

For this method, you will need a container of water. It needs to be set just above the pot with a flower. From bandage, thick woolen yarn or fabric make a tourniquet and moisten it with water. One end buried in the ground, and the second - soak in a bowl of water. If the pot is small, the wiring can be replaced by a plastic tube.

Option 4

If you have a lot of small plants, usemethod cellophane. Spray flowers, abundantly wet the soil and wrap the plant with a plastic bag in which you need to make a few small holes.

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